Unusual antique and vintage table lamps – Separated at birth?

vintage_table_lamp.jpgThose of you who visit this blog may get a little tired of me chatting about cool vintage lighting. Well, here’s one more post on vintage table lamps you’ll have to suffer through.

On my morning run around the Internet, I came across this neat little rusty vintage lamp. It’s one of those odd items that makes you wonder about its original use.

The vintage metal table lamp features a scroll design and a pivoting bowl
shade. It would look perfect in an industrial modern office, juxtaposed next to a sleek, chrome laptop.

In fact, this morning’s little discovery reminded me of a French Art
Deco lamp
sold in January. I still haven’t gotten enough of the vintage lighting offered at a recent 20th century decorative arts auction.
Although the rusty noggin found at Goodwill will probably end up selling for around $50, this gorgeous French nickeled brass and shagreen version brought brought $1,586 at Rago Auction.

Seeing them side-by-side it still makes me wonder: Separated at birth?

-posted by Eric Bradley