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7 sensational views of the Corydon Extravaganza

The Corydon Extravaganza is rapidly approaching and the community of Corydon, Indiana is ready to celebrate this special event.

CORYDON, Ind. -- There's something pretty cool about an event with the word extravaganza right in the title. You know there are good times to be had at this place. Right?

Eyes on Corydon Extravaganza

That's why the Corydon Extravaganza in Corydon, Indiana sounds like just the place to spend the weekend of April 28 and 29. Below are seven views and facts about the Corydon Extravaganza that have me feeling more than a little jealous of anyone attending this event. 

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The Harrison County Fairgrounds is host to the Corydon Extravaganza. The Fairgrounds have been in exitence for more than 150 years. With that, it is home to the oldest county fair in the U.S. 

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From Dec. of 1816 until 1825, Corydon was the state capital of Indiana. 

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According to reports, the name of the community of Corydon came from the thoughts of a young girl, Jenny Smith. The Smith family were early settlers of the area, living on the site of the fairgrounds. It was during a visit with the Smith family that William Henry Harrison, governor of the Indiana Territory asked the young miss Smith to name the town that he was planning to build in that area. She settled on Corydon after considering Harrison's favorite hymn, the Pastoral Elegy. The name was that of a character in the poem/hymn. 

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The 2010 census reports the community of Corydon, Indiana has a population of about 3,100. Past Corydon Extravaganza's have attracted crowds of at least 3,000.

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In addition to more than 100 select vendors, the inside and outside show includes live music, and food trucks. 

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For 162 years the state of Indiana used a seal that was not officially adopted. The meaning behind the seal is about the perseverance of the early settlers of Indiana.

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Corydon was the site of the only Civil War battle to occur in the state of Indiana. It took place on July 9, 1863 and it involved 450 members of the Harrison County Home Guard who attempted to keep 2,400 Confederate soldiers from progressing. 

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