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Antique Appraisal: Old Kenmore stove lends character to cooking

In his latest exclusive antique appraisals for Antique Trader magazine, appraiser Dr. George Marchelos evaluates a vintage Kenmore kerosene stove and a contemporary garden lantern.

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Vintage Kenmore camp stove

Vintage Kenmore camp stove

I obtained this stove from a yard sale a few years back. I just have never had the time to do the research, and I can’t find much about it online. Can anyone help identify exactly what this is and may be worth? It looks like it has never been used. Thanks.

— M.D.

Antique Appraisal: Vintage Kenmore stove

M.D. has sent photos of an old stove. It is a two burner kerosene fueled Kenmore Wickless Portable Oil Stove made by Sears, Roebuck & Co. at the end of the depression and beginning of WWII. The Patent No. shown reveals that it was made either in 1941 or 1942. Kerosene was the cheapest fuel and the holding tank is still attached. You removed it, went to the nearest gas station and filled it before returning, putting it back in place, opening the valve, and lighting it with a match, probably a kitchen match. It could be taken from place to place so it was a utilitarian item which could be purchased in a Sears store or by mail out of their famous catalog.

It appears to be in near new condition. The market for it would not be large but there are those who would want it as part of their collection, in a mountain cabin as a conversation piece, or as a curiosity. It would probably sell for $135 and can still be used.


I found this item that my late sister gave me years ago. The long flat piece of metal has a small ring, possibly for hanging the assembly. The center item appears to be a bell. Could you tell me what it is and if it has any value?

Image placeholder title

— J.L.

Antique Appraisal: Garden lantern

J.L. has sent three similar photographs of a brass item he believes to be for hanging. While this could be the case it more likely stood on a patio or in a garden. A part is missing which would have fitted into the indentation shown. The “bell” is probably a hood or cowl for the candle which would have been placed in the missing part. The ring may have been an addition add on for those who would want to stabilize the candle stand by securing to a post or wall.

This is a modern item of stamped metal and in its current state has little sale value. 

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