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Burton Antiques Market opens 57th year June 10

The 57th year of the Burton Antiques Market gets underway June 10, the first of two Markets in 2017.

BURTON, Ohio — When was the last time you were at an antiques show and your purchases transfer from the dealer to a loading area and loaded for you for free? This is common place at the Burton Antiques Market. The next Market is June 10.


An example of the loading process at the Burton Antiques Market. (Both photos courtesy Burton Antiques Market)

The Burton Antiques Market offers this option to all buyers. Whether it is a large country store counter, a painting or a vase, the service is available. In 2016, handling of more than 1,000 items saw pick up and loading services, during each of the two Markets. The process uses a two-ticket process similar to valet parking. Most of the items were pieces of furniture.

Now in its 57th year, the Burton Antiques Market attracts both dealers and shoppers from all over the country. At the upcoming June 10th show, over 400 dealers will be present displaying everything from high end period furniture to exquisite estate jewelry to collectible postcards.

Burton Antiques Market Attracting 400+ Dealers

The Geauga County Fairgrounds, Ohio’s oldest fairgrounds, is the site of both Burton Antiques


More than 400 dealers — offering a diverse selection of items — set up indoors and out during the Burton Antiques Market. The next event is June 10.

Markets. The Fairgrounds is located about 20 miles east of Cleveland Ohio. The second Market of 2017 is Saturday, September 23.

About 100 of the dealers are located inside buildings and the other 300 of the dealers are outside in tents. Plus, there will be many food vendors offering everything from kettle korn to steak sandwiches.

Early buyer admission ($25) begins at 8 a.m., with general admission ($8) beginning at 10 a.m. The show closes at 4:30 p.m.

For more information, contact Kay Puchstein at 740-998-5300 or visit

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