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Ruby Lane: Find your conversation starters at Allie's Antiques

One Ruby Lane shop I come back to time and again is Allie's Antiques. The seldom-found items are usually in excellent condition and give me a serious case of "the wants."
Ruby Lane antiques

Brutalist flower sculpture, $122, Courtesy of Allie's Antiques on Ruby Lane.

I browse a lot on Ruby Lane. And I mean a LOT! One shop I seem to come back to time and again is Allie's Antiques. This particular Ruby Lane shop is owned by third-generation antiques enthusiast Allison Taylor, who is based in Norman, Oklahoma. She scours higher-end estate sales and curates items from yesteryear.

Allie tells me the goal for her store is to "have eclectic, exciting, harder to find objects. 'Conversation pieces' if you will. Things your friends and neighbors wouldn't have."

Allie's Antiques offers such a wide variety of antiques and vintage goods, whenever I visit the shop I feel like I'm crawling down the proverbial "rabbit hole" ... one thing leads to another and before I realize it, an hour has slipped by.

Here are a few of the delightfully diverse objects on my latest excursion.

Ruby Lane antiques

Cocktail-themed platter, $47,

One of the first things that made me dive in is a brutalist metal table-top sculpture. The sculpture takes the form of a simple bouquet of flowers. I think I like the juxtaposition of the delicacy of real-life flowers versus the durability of the metal version. These flowers won't wilt; if not abused, they will last forever. The sculpture measures 11" tall, approximately 7" wide flower span, and the base measures 3" x 3". At the time of this posting, it is available for $122. ( [All items listed subject to prior sale.]

Next up is a fun and funky 12" x 12" smoky glass tray with a cocktail theme. Made by the Houze Glass Company, this retro tray designed by Dan Baird features a dozen cocktail recipes, "Handy Articles" one might want to have on hand in their home bar, and "Measurements."

The best feature, for me, isn't the recipes, however. It's the quote from Abraham Lincoln: "The difficulty lies not in the use of a bad thing, but in the abuse of a very good thing. From a Temperance Address ..." It is a sentiment still relevant today. ($47,

Ruby Lane antiques

Ceramic majolica bowl full of lemons, made in Italy, $175,

Standing 30" tall, the sleek, flowing lines of a vintage Curtis Jere bird-on-perch sculpture make it as suitable for today's decor as it was in when it was made (marked 1979). (On sale: $495,

A bright, shiny bowl of glazed "lemons" would cheer up any room. The white bowl has a subtle basket texture. Made in Italy, this three-dimensional majolica centerpiece measures 10" long, 4 1/2" tall and 6 3/4" wide. ($175,

Allie's Antiques has such a phenomenal selection of vintage barware, I would be remiss if I didn't point out at least one of my favorites. This set of six vintage Georges Briard (signed) rocks (lowball) glasses is decorated with a floral motif of suspended gold flowers.

Each glass measures 4 1/4" tall x 3 1/4" wide ... which will fit perfectly in the responsible adult's hand when socializing and sipping their preferred beverage. ($169 set,

When you've got the time, I encourage you to visit Allison's shop, Allie's Antiques. She has nearly 30 years of experience in the antiques trade and is a graduate of the Asheford Institute of Antiques. You can tell she spends a lot of time and effort on her descriptions; I guarantee you'll not only come down with a case of the "wants," but you'll learn something in the process.

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