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The Golden Touch: Warman’s Celebrates 50th Edition

America's longest-running antiques and collectibles reference is marking its golden anniversary, and celebrating its evolution during the previous decades.
Disneyana sample page

A new category in this 50th anniversary edition of Warman's is Disneyana. (All photos courtesy of Krause Publications)

IOLA, Wis. – What does a book look like when it turns 50? When it comes to the new edition of Warman’s Antiques & Collectibles, the answer is – stunning.

The 50th edition of the longest-running general reference on the market is a true eye-opener with 2,500 fabulous photographs and critical collector information, reflecting an impressive selection of the rare to the sublime in the antiques and collectibles field.

Started in 1948 by Edwin G. (E.G.) Warman, this landmark edition of the book showcases the contributions from more than 70 leading auction houses and experts in the field, featuring long-held favorites and emerging genres alike.

Among the wonders found inside is an exquisite and rare 1931 poster from the movie Frankenstein, which sold for a whopping $358,500 at auction. Two peony-border Tiffany floor lamps share the spotlight when one from 1920 sold for $143,000 and another from 1910 sold for $131,000.

With a presidential election looming, it’s only appropriate to discover a flag banner from the 1864 Abraham Lincoln campaign, which sold for $106,250. And if elections don’t frighten you despite some of the spooky candidates, the 1935 Saturday Evening Post cover art “Halloween Scare” by Frederic Stanley might have sent a shiver down your spine when it realized $56,250.

Warman’s also includes a special section focusing on the “Swinging ’60s,” a pivotal decade in not only American history but in what we collect. Traveling back half a century brings us face-to-face with favorite icons of the past that are once again favorites among collectors today: chrome kitchenette sets, sleek automobiles, pink Princess phones, and Beatles memorabilia, to name a few.

Gary Sohmers, Wex Rex Collectibles’ very own “King of Pop Culture,” is noted in the special section, providing insights into the decade of change. Concert posters, original comic art and action figures from the 1960s are just a few of the items to watch now, says Sohmers, who spent 13 seasons as an appraiser on Antiques Roadshow. And he offers solid advice to anyone buying antiques and collectibles of any genre: “Buy what you like first. Buy what you can afford, buy the best condition you can find, and do your research.”

After E.G. Warman’s death in 1979, other highly respected editors took the reins of the book,

Warman's 2017

Warman's Antiques & Collectibles 2017, the 50th Anniversary Edition, is available at Retail $29.99 / Sale $23.99. Shop Now >>>

including Harry Rinker, Ellen Schroy, Mark Moran and current editor Noah Fleisher. “It’s humbling to follow them,” Fleisher says of his predecessors. “I strive each year to measure up to the high standards that were established before I arrived.”

Warman’s Antiques & Collectibles celebrates its golden anniversary with style and substance, enviable characteristics for all who aspire to age not only gracefully but also boldly.

Special Offer:In celebration of the 50th anniversary of this, America’s longest-running identification and price guide, receive free standard shipping to U.S. addresses, when you order directly from the publisher, Krause Publications. Visit or call 855-864-2579 (8 a.m.-5 p.m. MDT) to order, and be sure to include or mention Discount Code WAC50. This book is also available at booksellers nationwide.

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