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Vintage music box cranks up bids to $27,500

Stanton's Auctioneers brought music devices to the masses during its spring auction April 24-26, where an 80 year-old Mermod Freres cylinder music box took top lot honors.

VERMONTVILLE, Michigan — Stanton’s Auctioneers of Vermontville, Michigan concluded their first music machine auction of 2014 with a three-day auction held in Charlotte, Michigan, April 24-26th. The auction featured more than 1,000 cataloged lots of everything from antique music boxes, to phonographs, automata, to coin-operated examples.

One of the highlights of the sale was an exceptional Mermod Freres cylinder music box with a matching carved cabinet with storage for the 6 – 24” cylinders that were included.


Mermod Freres Ideal Sublime Piccolo, with original dealer’s celluloid tag. Photo courtesy Stanton’s Auctions

The music box, coming from Vermont, had been in the same family for over 80 years and sold for $27,500.00.

Additional highlights include:

• Fine Jumeau 22-1/2” automata doll was sold for $3,850. The doll moved her head while she moved her fan and raised a basket of flowers.
• Reginaphone “Model 240” combination phonograph and disc music box in a rare oak (refinished) cabinet with lion carving sold for $11,000.
• Mill’s Automatic single Violano Violin that brought $24,200.
• Small nickelodeon sold for $6,050, a Regina automatic changer floor model disc music box (missing the gallery) that can play 12 different 15-1/2” discs at random (or by choice) sold for $14,850.00
• One of the unusual Necessaire sets (with sewing tools) in the shape of a grand piano w/music box sold for $2,400

A Nicole Freres cylinder music box with a cylinder that is 12-1/4 inches long sold for $19,800. This rare two (2)-tune box plays Home Sweet Home and the Carnival of Venice. The mechanism setting permits the music box to revolve two turns or revolutions per tune. Two fine cylinder music boxes with matching tables and multiple interchangeable cylinders sold for $14,300 (with drums, bells, etc.) and $8,800. respectively. There was an early Edison brass blade fan that sold for $2,400; and a fully restored Wurlitzer Model 1100 jukebox that brought $6,050.



One of the highlights of the auction was a Rare Black Forest Singing Bird Clock, attributed to Emilian Wehrle. The clock made approx. 1885 strikes on the hour and then the small automata bird sings. Similar examples are shown on page 222, in “Black Forest Clocks” by Rick Ortenburger. This piece drew a great deal of interest with the piece bring $19,800.00. It was the first piece of this type that the auctioneers had previously sold.

Many antique phonographs were sold including a Victor VI with a wooden mahogany spear-tip horn that sold for $4,950.00, and another Victor VI with a faux mahogany Linenoid horn that sold for the same amount. A rare French phonograph with Bettini reproducer and horn brought $9,350; Another French machine made by Lioret sold for $5,500.00; A scarce Edison School (that was incomplete without stand or horn) brought $3,000; An Edison Home with scarce repeater attachment sold for $3,980 and a fine Zon-o-phone Model A (glass side) disc phonograph brought $6,875.

Many other fine examples, parts machines, and records, roller organs and related pieces of all types were sold. The offering was very impressive with the machines finding new homes in collections across the U.S., Canada & Europe. Call for a complete catalog with post-sale prices.

For more information for upcoming auctions visit or call 517-726-0181 or 517-331-8150.

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