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Entertainment memorabilia, ethnographic art auction to benefit youth

What does a recorded LP of the Broadway hit 'Hamilton' signed by the cast have in common with ancient pottery from Ecuador? Both will come before bidders Oct. 5 in an auction benefiting youth.
Hamilton LP recording signed

‘Hamilton’ LP recording signed by the cast of the hit Broadway musical, including writer/lead actor Lin-Manuel Miranda ($800-$1,200). (All photos courtesy of Artemis Gallery)

BOULDER, Colo. – By day, Donick Cary is an Emmy Award-winning writer and producer whose credits include The Simpsons, The Late Show with David Letterman, New Girl, and Parks and Recreation. When not on a Hollywood set, the TV mogul immerses himself in running The nonprofit underwrites student music programs for at-risk youth, from Compton, California to Appalachia and beyond.

Oct. 5 Cary will auction Pre-Columbian and ethnographic art, and unique entertainment memorabilia from his personal collections to benefit so the organization can continue its worthy mission of subsidizing music teachers and purchasing musical instruments.

Artemis Gallery is presenting the Oct. 5 auction. Phone, absentee and Internet live-bidding options are available. The sale begins at 10 a.m. Eastern Time with and handling online bidding.

Because of his inside connections, Cary’s entertainment memorabilia collection contains items that are unique in the dictionary sense of the word. For example, Lot 2 is a Simpsons Tony Hawk skateboarder action figure in its original packaging, signed by the skating legend himself. Hawk appears in episode 11 of season 14, originally airing in February 2003. “In that episode, Bart sues Homer for emancipation and leaves home to live in a cool loft in downtown Springfield, where his neighbor is none other than Tony Hawk,” explained Artemis Gallery Executive Director Teresa Dodge. “This is a one-of-a-kind autographed memento of that appearance.” It is estimated at $200-$300.

Additional Feature Lots

-- A boxed LP of Hamilton – An American Musical signed by the illustrious cast of the 2015 smash Broadway play, including its writer/lead actor Lin-Manuel Miranda, estimate $800-$1,200. This item comes to the auction by Emmy Award-winning writer/executive producer Dave Finkel (30 Rock, New Girl). Also from Finkel, a Spaulding TF-1000 basketball bearing the signature of former NBA star and current ESPN sports analyst Jalen Rose. Thes estimate for the basketball is $400-$600.

* Rogue Model RD80 acoustic guitar signed by multi-talented performer Justin Timberlake ($1,500-$2,000).

-- 1978 large-format studio photo print (6/25) of Michael Jackson, signed and donated by the photographer, Brad Elterman ($1,500-$2,000).

* New Girl poster signed by the entire 2016 cast ($400-$600).

-- Signed color photograph of President Gerald Ford together with a football signed by Ford circa 1970s ($800-$1,200).

Rarities Lead Ethnographic Art Offerings

Chorrera pottery stirrup jar

Pre-Columbian Ecuador, Chorrera pottery stirrup jar with obsidian eyes, circa 1200-500 BCE, with an estimate of $1,200 to $1,500.

A wonderful array of Pre-Columbian art from the Cary Donick collection includes many Mayan rarities. A superbly carved-stone hacha depicting a human head in profile, comes from Guatemala and dates to circa 550-950 CE.

“Hachas were believed to be axe-heads. This stands to reason, since ‘hacha’ is the Spanish word for ‘axe,’” said Dodge. An especially well executed example, it is expected to make $5,000-$7,000.

The auction features many fascinating figural objects, such as a Pre-Columbian Vera Cruz, Mexico, hand-built terracotta incensario depicting a seated male. The figure’s adornments suggest the subject is an elder of elite status. Dating from 600-900 CE, it carries a $2,000-$3,000 estimate. An early and especially beautiful Pre-Columbian Chorrera (Ecuador) pottery stirrup jar is a three-dimensional depiction of a male figure with sensitive facial features and obsidian eyes, circa 1200-500 BCE. Its pre-sale estimate is $1,200-$1,500.

Uniquely Decorated Cylinder May See $1,000

A circa 500-900 CE Pre-Columbian terracotta cylinder from the Ulua Valley, Honduras, is decorated with the image of a pair of playful, long-limbed monkeys – one preparing to catch a cacao pod. From the same region, A circa 550-900 CE polychrome-painted cocoa cup adorned with images of kneeling lords in headdresses. Each of the vessels heads into the sale with an estimate of $800 to $1,000.

From the Cary Donick ethnographic art collection, is a 19th-century articulated, carved and painted wood figure of Jesus. It is derivative of a type present in medieval times, both in Spain and its colonies, to act out key moments from the Bible. Later, figures such as the one in the auction were dressed in clothing and used in processions and rituals. When prone, it measures 35 by 10 inches. Estimate: $900-$1,400

Two paintings from the “New World” are worthy of note. A colorful Prefete Duffaut (Haitian, 1923-2012) gouache on Masonite landscape dating to the 1990s measures 29¼ by 23¼ (sight). Its pre-sale estimate is $2,000 to $3,000. From Mexico, a David Alfaro Siqueiros (1896-1974) color lithograph titled Vista Aerea comes from the artist’s “Mountain Suite,” from 1969. Signed at lower right and numbered 139/250 at lower left, this compelling abstract by an important modern muralist, painter and printmaker could reach a winning bid in the $1,000-$1,500 range.

Sacred Spanish Styles

A beautiful 18th-century Mexican dark wood table exhibits the Spanish colonial style, with four legs reminiscent of lion’s-paw supports. This substantial 27.2 by 22¾-inch antique table carries an estimate of $1,200 to $1,500. A handsome early 20th-century Mexican wood “nicho” for the display of santos or other religious artwork is coming into the sale with an estimate of $1,000-$1,500.

For more information, visit 720-502-5289, email, or visit

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