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Western Arts Auction finishes with 97% sell rate

An early 20th century oil painting by M. Evelyn McCormick, one of the first female impressionist painters, lead all lots — selling for $16,250 – during Witherell's May 16 sale.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Selling at $16,250, a large McCormick painting dominated Witherell’s Western Arts Auction that ended May 16, 2017.

Oil Painting Depicts early Monterey

Fremont House painting

"Fremont House" by M. Evelyn McCormick, late 19th/early 20th century, commanded $16,250 during the May 16 auction. (All photos courtesy of Witherell's)

One of the first women Impressionists, M. Evelyn McCormick, (American, 1869-1948) became known for plein aire oils of Monterey’s historic buildings and adobes. One of these is the “Fremont House” painting.

From the early part of the twentieth century, the 27-by-33-inch oil-on-board was estimated at $15,000-$25,000.

A coin-silver bowl by Schulz & Fischer (1863-1900) from the Edwin Iloff Silver Collection was one of the surprises of the Western Arts Auction. Going for $13,125, well above estimate, the large, gilt, wash bowl featured a decorative rim mounted with two birds and nests. The 17.5-inch-high centerpiece had a classical female figure stem on an engraved dome base. Marked, "Coin / Schulz & Fischer mark / S.F. Cal.", the gross weight was 65 oz

Front & Back Bar Highlight in Western Arts Auction

From the late nineteenth century, a front & back bar—original to the Auburn Opera House in Gold Rush country—was another top seller of the Western Arts Auction at $9,750. Made of oak, the 15-feet-long bar was typical of the saloon-style bar. Estimated at $8,000 to $12,000, the massive bar sold to a prominent Western Americana collector for use at his ranch.

Three 18-carat gold spoons, also from the Edwin Iloff Silver Collection, went to a lucky bidder for $8,000, more than was expected for the lot. The "Plain" style pattern included a place spoon (marked San Francisco Barrett & Sherwood, inscribed Carroll), a monogrammed citrus spoon (marked Barrett & Sherwood San Francisco Cal) and a citrus spoon (marked San Francisco). The gross weight was 2.9 oz.

Scarce Historic Drawing Captivated Bidder Interest

A rare and important 1849 drawing of Sutter’s Fort with personal notes also did well during the Western Arts Auction. Bidding closed at $6,250, well within the $5,000 to $10,000 estimate.

The 4-by-8-inch paper and ink document was inscribed on front with "Sutters Fort as seen from the SW about 2 miles. One cannot form much of an ID from this - tis built of mud brick - there is a trench about it and hay stacks old carts logs..." and on back with “Sacramento City/Oct. 2/49/.”

'Sutter's Fort' Represented Twice

A more contemporary “Sutter’s Fort” painting sold for $5,500, a world record for the artist, Randy Steffen (American, 1917-1976). Eight pieces of Steffen have sold at public auction to date. The most expensive one prior was a bronze at $1,265.

Used as the cover lot for Witherell’s advertising mailer was a Lorenzo Ghiglieri (b. 1931) bronze,

'Need for Buffalo" bronze sculpture

"The Need for Buffalo, 27/36" bronze sculpture on a mahogany plinth, 20th century, by Lorenzo Ghiglieri, realized $2,250.

"The Need for Buffalo, 27/36" on a mahogany plinth. It sold for $5,375 while another bronze in the series sold a year ago for $2,250. The sculpture depicts a Plains Indian on horseback aiming a bow and arrow at two buffalo and is signed on the lower left. Excluding the 2-inch plinth, the bronze is 22-by-42-by-21 inches.

Selling for slightly more than $170,000, the 97 lots in the Western Arts Auction came to an average of $1,750. Only one lot failed to sell for a 97 percent sales rate. All prices include buyer’s premium.

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