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Coins: Treasure Hunting On HiBid Auctions

We searched for coins on online auction site Hi-Bid and here's what we found. [Sponsored post.]
choice 1877 Indian head cent

Choice 1877 Indian head cent, sold for just over $3,700 recently on HiBid.

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We searched for coins on online auction site HiBid and here's what we found.

For casual hobbyists and avid collectors alike, half of the fun of collecting coins is in the search. It’s those times where you’re trying to track down a specific item and then stumble upon something unique and unexpected that makes this particular pastime so special. captures that feeling like lightning in a bottle.

As you look through the auctions, lots, and listings on the site, you’ll come across coins as common as a roll of wheat pennies for a few dollars on one page and then rare, antique and vintage coins worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on the next.

Getting Started - Easy Navigation

HiBid Coins/Currency category

The Coins/Currency category is a very popular category on HiBid. The category includes the subcategories bullion, coins, currency, and mixed lots, and you can view the Hot Lots in each. All images courtesy of

Navigating couldn’t be easier, as you simply load up the homepage, click Show All Categories on the menu to the left, and then scroll down to the Coins and Currency category.

From here, you can choose between the Bullion, Coins, Currency, and Mixed Lots sub-categories. Click the plus sign (+) next to the Coins category and you can fine-tune your search even further with options for Commemorative, International, and U.S. coins. This is the best way to narrow down the category to compare similar items.

If you’d like to get even more specific, you can use the search bar at the top of the page to enter keywords and, if you prefer, limit the results to auction locations within a set number of miles from your ZIP code.

Another way to find lots and listings is to select the Browse By menu option at the top of the page. This allows you to look through each available auction on the site both as a list and as an interactive map. You can also limit your search based on Auctions Closing Soon, Past Auctions, and whether it’s a webcast auction, online-only auction, or auction with absentee bidding. The HiBid website features a user-friendly design that gives you multiple ways to find the auctions, lots, and specific items you’re looking for.

Hot Auctions & Lots

If you’re not looking for anything in particular but instead wish to browse lots that are seeing a high level of activity, be sure to check out the Featured Auctions, Hot Auctions, and Hot Lots pages on home page

The home page has everything you need to start searching for coins. You can either select the Coins category from the side menu or browse through Featured Auctions, Hot Auctions, and Hot Lots. All images courtesy of

1915 Austrian gold coin with Franz Joseph I

1915 Austrian gold coin with Franz Joseph I on one side, and a Crowned Imperial double eagle on the other.

These sections are located on the home page just under the main header and menus, and are excellent places to find rare and highly sought-after coins. For example, when we searched the site, one of the Hot Auctions featured an uncirculated 1877 Indian Cent and uncirculated Morgan Dollars from 1907. It also offered 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cents, a large selection of gold coins, and much more.

The Hot Lots page is particularly fun to browse. You can choose to sort by Bid Amount (high to low, using an option beneath the search bar) and find some truly special coins. This is where we found a 1915 Corona gold coin from Austria going for $905. It not only features Franz Joseph I, who was the emperor of Austria from 1848 to 1916, on one side and a double eagle on the other, but also has lettering stamped into the edge of the coin. In another session, we ran across a “Near Perfect” 2009 Ultra High Relief $20 gold coin. The item was NGC Certified MS-69 and had an estimated auction price of between $1,500 and $1,600. At the time, it was going for $1,300 with 51 bids.

Serious Finds

1895 Morgan Dollar minted in New Orleans, Louisiana

1895 Morgan Dollar minted in New Orleans, Louisiana. This item previously went for $336,000 at auction in 2018, but is expected to go for between $280,000 and $320,000 when it goes up for auction in March 2019.

Whether you’re looking for individual coins, sets, or mixed lots of valuable coins, is a great place to start your search. Fans of Morgan Dollars will be particularly pleased with the selection of auctions running on any given day. We found an NGC Certified MS-66 1884 Morgan Dollar that was minted in Carson City, Nevada, going for around $500. We also found a set of 47 Morgan Dollars minted from 1878 to 1890 that sold for $90 apiece (just over $4,200 total). The set was only missing the 1889 Carson City coin from that era and came in a collector’s book.

However, one of the coolest Morgan Dollar auction lots we found was an 1895 coin minted in New Orleans, Louisiana. This one-dollar coin is one of only 450,000 dollars minted at the time. The coin was previously up for auction in 2018 at the American Numismatic Association (ANA) auction; there it sold for over $330,000. The auctioneer expects this coin to sell for $280,000-$320,000 when it goes up for auction in mid- to late March 2019.

If gold is more your speed, then also has you covered. We found a $10 gold coin from 1909 with an Indian head on one side and an eagle on the other that sold for $970. A 2012 $50 gold piece featuring a buffalo sold for just over $1,500. We also found an 1882 $10 gold coin featuring a Liberty Head and eagle on either side going for $575. And we found a 1912 Canadian $5 gold coin going for $275 Canadian dollars.

Fun Stuff For Collectors At Every Level

This .999 fine silver coin comes from New Zealand and is an officially licensed Star Wars bullion.

This .999 fine silver coin comes from New Zealand and is an officially licensed Star Wars bullion. It features Darth Vader with a lightsaber on one side and an image of Queen Elizabeth II on the other.

There’s no doubt that coin collecting can be serious business, but it doesn’t always have to be. At, we found a healthy mix of rare coins well suited for high caliber collections. We also found coins designed to celebrate and commemorate. These fun items may not have as high of price tags, but it doesn’t make them any less special.

One example was a 2018 Star Wars Darth Vader lightsaber silver coin. This bullion was made from .999 fine silver in New Zealand in a low production of 250,000 units. The officially licensed coin features Darth Vader prominently on one side and her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the other.

Two other unique items included an uncirculated 100th Anniversary .999 silver Uncle Sam coin. And a 5-ounce, .999 pure silver bar with an eagle emblazoned on one side. Each of these items was available for $20-$80 at the time.

Gift That Keeps On Giving

The website is updated regularly; you’re likely to find something new on each visit. If you don’t have luck finding the precise item you’re interested in one day, the next day you may find a Hot Auction featuring that exact coin. You never know, maybe someday you’ll find a 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollar worth $10 million up for auction.

However, whether or not that particular dream comes true, one thing is clear: is an online destination for coin collectors that has something for everyone.

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