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Lalique Peacock blue vase may see upwards of $30K during May sale

A Lalique peacock blue glass Borromee vase, from an esteemed modernist collection, is expected to vie for top lot during Heritage Auctions' May 25 auction.

DALLAS, Texas (May 4, 2017) - Significant collections illustrating the modern movement highlight the 20th Century Design Featuring Tiffany, Lalique & Art Glass Signature Auction will be presented May 25.

Influence of Collectors Evident in Offerings

Robert “Bobby” Gingold Jr. and Neal Prince’s curated inventory is headlining. Kayserzinn pewter and

Birth of a Star cast glass

"Birth of a Star" cast glass piece, Vladimir Prozhazka, circa 2015, 24 inches d., $10,000-$15,000. (All photos courtesy of Heritage Auctions)

rare Art Deco glass from the Dallas collection of Bill Leazer. The sale includes Tiffany lamps and glass, French art glass from Galle, Daum and Lalique. A fine collection of Art Deco pottery by Charles Catteau for Boch Freres is also set to sell.

Prince of Texas decent bears a life-long collecting legacy of the Art Nouveau Movement in Europe. Prince spent 74 years assembling works in a variety of media dating from 1300 B.C. to the post-modern era. This auction will include over two dozen items including a George Leleu Art Nouveau Oil Lamp with Thistle Motif ($800-1,200). Plus, four WMF Art Nouveau Silver-Plated Green Glass Clarets ($1,000-1,500) are coming before bidders. An etching from Jacques Villon after Renoir, La Loge, 1928 ($1,000-1,500), is among the lots.

Representing Art Deco Movement

Gingold was a true virtuoso, an expert in his field. Sixty lots from Gingold’s estate, including a Austrian Carved Mahogany Desk ($1,000-1,500) are among the offerings. An Austrian Carved Mahogany Figural Cabinet ($2,000-4,000) will cross the block. A 20th-century marble Lounging Nude and Abstracted Nude (two works) ($800-1,200) ware featured. Plus, a red marble Female Bust, 20th-century ($800-1,200) is a highlight.

Lalique and Picasso Present in Sale

The sale also features the diversity reflected in these two significant lots: the visually stunning Lalique Peacock Blue Glass Borromee Vase ($30,000-40,000) and Pablo Picasso’s Pichet à Glace, 1952, ($10,000-15,000), a piece from the estate of Dallas scholar and philanthropist Frederic Wiedemann as excellent examples of the modern movement.

Four lots by La Maison Desny from Dallas collector Bill Leazer are also featured: Four Silver-Plated Cordials ($1,500-2,500), a Pair of Modernist Silver-Plated Vases ($2,500-3,500), three Picasso pitcherModernist Silver-Plated Tea Cups ($1,500-2,500) and a Modernist Silver-Plated Wine Goblet ($800-1,200).

A couple of whimsical Martin Brother pottery lots highlight the transition to 20th-century design including a glazed Stoneware Double-Sided Face Mug, ($1,000-1,500) and a glazed Stoneware Baby Bird Vase, ($6,000-8,000).

Historic Art Glass Among Lots

Art glass centers this auction with a wide range of objects beginning with two exposition displayed

Lalique Senart topaz vase

Deep topaz glass Senart vase with white patina, R. Lalique, circa 1934, 8-1/4" t., $5,000-$7,000.

offerings from Thomas Webb & Sons. A Cameo Glass 1889 Paris Exposition Vase, designed by George and Thomas Woodall, ($1,500-2,500) and a red Cameo Glass 1889 Paris Exposition Vase, designed by George and Thomas Woodall, ($1,000-1,500) are signature pieces for collectors.

A wonderful collection of Charles Catteau for Boch Freres vases assembled by noted Dallas collector colorfully represent the Art Deco style with beautiful abstract decoration like three vases featuring stylized birds, a pair vases featuring a pattern displayed at the Paris International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts of 1925, a pair of vases featuring stylized vines of blue flowers on a yellow ground and an art deco vase featuring pelicans in flight.

Other potential highlights: 

• Tiffany Studios Leaded Glass and Bronze Acorn Table Lamp, ($6,000-8,000)

• Daum Art Deco Amethyst Acid-Etched Glass Vase, ($1,200-1,600)

• Gallé Overlay Glass Floral Vase, ($1,000-1,500)

For more information, visit or call 877-HERITAGE (437-4824).

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