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More than 60 Picasso ceramics coming to auction Feb. 24

A large ceramic ice pitcher created by Pablo Piccaso in 1952 is one of more than 60 lots featured in Auctionata's "Picasso Ceramics" auction, Feb. 24.

On Wednesday, February 24, 2016, the leading online auction house Auctionata will present an

Ice pitcher

Picasso's Pichet à glace (ice pitcher), circa 1952, estimated at $38,000. (All photos courtesy Auctionata)

extensive selection of Pablo Picasso’s iconic ceramic sculptures in the livestream auction ‘Picasso Ceramics’. This sale offers over 60 ceramic pieces created in the South of France at the Madoura Pottery from 1947 to 1971. In addition, a selection of original posters by the artist created for the pottery rounds off the sale and showcases the inventive designs of his ceramics.

On the heels of the blockbuster Picasso Sculpture exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, the auction Picasso Ceramics celebrates the lively ceramic sculptures the artist created during his time in Vallauris. At the Madoura Pottery studio, he crafted more than 3,500 plates, vases, pitchers, and other ceramics. His pots and vases extend far beyond their conventional functionality and thereby constitute dynamic, beautiful sculptures. The sale encompasses the many reoccurring themes depicted in Picasso’s ceramics body of work, including faces, animals, scenes of the village of Vallauris, Greek mythology, and vibrant bullfighting scenes. These whimsical pots, pitchers, vases and plates are some of the most creative and inventive works of Picasso’s oeuvre.

Particularly noteworthy is Pichet à glace, conceived in 1952, (starting price: $38,000) which demonstrates Picasso’s fascination with faces and profiles. This ice pitcher is one of Picasso’s largest ceramic works. It is rendered with dark green lines shaping the curious facial expression of the figure and is decorated with thick blue bands around the cylindrical shape of the pitcher. Another highlight is Sujet colombe, mat, conceived in 1959 (starting price: $9,500), which is a beautifully hand painted vase depicting a dove in a playful yet sophisticated form. This sale also offers magnificently hand painted ceramic plates. Quatre profils enlacés, conceived in 1949 (starting price $11,000), depicts four interlaced profiles. Though these profiles are rendered abstractly, they are executed with the extreme detail, which is present in all of Picasso’s ceramics.

With a continued demand for Picasso’s ceramics, Auctionata offers a beautiful spectrum of works that would appeal to both starting collectors, and avid collectors of the 20th century master. With starting prices beginning at just $900, Picasso Ceramics allows an opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to own some of the most recognizable ceramics from Pablo Picasso.

Auctionata’s Prints & Contemporary Art Director, Deborah Ripley, states, “This enthralling selection of ceramics by Pablo Picasso demonstrates the artist’s continued innovation in sculptural form – at times witty, surprising and exhilarating. Collectors will have an opportunity to acquire works from every period of Picasso’s ceramic output – from his early works in the 1940s to his last works in the 1970s.”

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