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NESA hosting virtual Estate Sales Success Summit

The recently formed National Estate Sales Association (NESA) will host its first virtual educational summit, Sept. 29-30. The online event is free.

NEW YORK – The National Estate Sales Association (NESA) has announced its inaugural, Estate Sale Success Summit, a free virtual summit Sept. 19-30.

This online event combines exclusive business education, interviews, and pathways to success. The event is catered to estate sale businesses owners, managers, and anyone associated with the secondary market for personal property or tangible goods. The summit features some of the top experts in the field of resale, fine art, luxury goods, collectibles, and consumer marketing.

“The NESA Estate Sale Success Summit is designed to educate both new and existing estate sale

Visit to learn more.

Visit to learn more.

owners by keeping them up-to-speed with advances in customer services,” said Martin Codina, Chairman of NESA. “This is the event that provides exclusive information that brings the estate sale trade together like never before.”

The NESA Estate Sale Success Summit is comprised of 30-minute interviews. Experts in the areas of fine art, estate jewelry, antiques and collectibles, insurance, and legal considerations regarding contracting will be featured. People can access the interviews and information anytime online.

The summit concept was developed by 10 leading estate sale firms across the United States. NESA identified the unmet need for mentorship and education and by partnering with complementary businesses and experts; the Estate Sale Success Summit will enable business owners to give customers the latest advancement in services.

This type of collaboration will aid the 5,000+ U.S. estate businesses to be better stewards for customers and savvy to headwinds of legislation and competition. “The NESA Virtual Summit is our first major foot forward,” Codina said.

Diverse panel of experts 

The summit has already added 20 specialty topics relevant to estate sale owners and anyone interested in the secondary market:

— Martin Codina: State of the Estate Sale Industry
• Eric Bradley: Where to find the latest pricing information for fine art & collectibles
— Peg McDermott: Social Media and Estate Sales: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices for Maximum Impact
• Greg Myroth : Art Pottery: Essentials that Every Estate Sales Company Should Know
— Deric Torres: How estate sales company's can best work with auctioneers
• Joan Fletcher: Business Coaching for the Estate Sale Company Owner
— Alexander Eblen: Jewelry 101 - The basics of estate jewelry
• Roger Demers: Time Management and Employee Retention for Estate Sales Companies
— Patrick Prince: How Estate Sellers can get the most out of vinyl record collections
• Steve Gurney: Building your Sr. serving business thru referrals & relationships
— Bryan Haver: How to Make Merchant Card Services Work to Grow Your Business
• Anita Wheeler: Home Is Where The Stuff Is - How Work With Top Notch Realtors
— Toma Clarke Haines: French Furniture Styles ‐ A Lesson in The Louis'
• Merritt Green: Cover Your Bases - What You Should Know About Estate Sale Contracts
— Angie Becker: The Insurance Handbook- What Estate Sales Companies Need to Know
• Brian McGuinness: Moving Companies and Estate Sales - A Natural Partnership ‐ How to Make It Work
— Josh Wulkan: Sports Collectibles 101- What's Hot and What's Not (Guide for Estate Sales Companies)
• Michael Judkins: How to Leverage Estate Sale Listing Sites to Serve Your Clients
— Harry Rinker: Techniques for Understanding Antiques and Collectibles
• Bonus: Michael Fry - Building a Winning Estate Sales Team.

Many presenters will provide free gifts and resources to assist audience members.

NESA invites all members of the secondary market community to the first training preview for their clients, under the belief that how well you serve your customers is an essential part of your image, sales, and future in this business.

“Why not learn from those who have sowed the seeds of success and are ready to share what they learned – for free,” Codina said.

To register for the Sept. 19-30 NESA Virtual Summit, visit today.

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