S.T. Dupont Lighters: Sparking function & style

Nearly 145 years after then 20-something Simon Tissot Dupont founded S.T. Dupont company, its luxury lighters spark interest in collectors.
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In early 2016, a collection of S. T. Dupont collectible lighters were presented among the lots of Clars Auction Gallery's Fine Art & Antique Auction Catalog.

Twenty-five-year-old Simon Tissot Dupont founded The S. T. Dupont company in 1872, producing luxury travel cases and trunks for society’s elite. According to the company’s website (www.st-dupont.com): [In 1941] When the Maharajah of Patiala ordered 100 exquisite minaudière evening bags in lacquer for his harem, each containing a solid gold cigarette lighter, the innovative artisans brought their artistic approach to designing the world’s first luxury lighter.

Learn more about some of the lighters that sold in this auction:

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