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150 years of political memorabilia in the spotlight

SAN MARINO, Calif. – On Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m., members of the public can view and purchase political Americana, have political items appraised (and possibly auctioned off), and meet other collectors at the annual political memorabilia show and sale hosted by the American Political Items Collectors (APIC) at 3130 Huntington Drive at the San Marino Masonic Center in San Marino (Pasadena), California. 

political memorabilia

Political toys are sought after by toy collectors and political memorabilia collectors.

This annual show is an opportunity for the public to discover the value of political treasures, see interesting displays of political memorabilia, and learn about the politics through campaign buttons, posters, flags, and other ephemera from the 2016 political campaign back to the 1860s when Abe Lincoln became the first Republican president. 

The public may bring in political items for free appraisals. Hidden in attics, trunks, and cigar boxes, many political collectibles are gathering dust while their owners are unaware of their value. Previous appraisals have uncovered such valuable finds as vintage JFK campaign posters, Teddy Roosevelt presidential autographs, Civil War dairy and letters, and rare FDR buttons.

The political campaign button is an American original and people who collect political memorabilia are fascinated by American history. While some buttons can sell for thousands of dollars, many buttons can be acquired by new collectors for a dollar or two.

Admission for APIC members and the public is $3 (children 13 and under and students are admitted free). 

For more information, call 818-644-9231 or visit

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