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International Congress of Iron Collectors convening in United States for first time

The International Congress of Iron Collectors will converge on Newton, N.J., Sept. 3-6 for its annual gathering. This marks the first time the group has met in the U.S.

NEWTON, N.J. — The International Congress of Iron Collectors will be convening in Newton, New Jersey, from Sept. 3-6, 2015. This year’s convention is hosted by a committee of members of the Pressing Iron and Trivet Collectors of America (PITCA). Since 1979, the Congress has been held every three years, and, until now, has only been held in Europe.

At the 2015 Congress, there will be educational displays of irons from around the world, lectures and

Swan iron

“Barnes Swan” iron will be sold during the Sept. 3-6 ICIC convention. (Submitted photo)

presentations on various subjects, such as Canadian irons and electric irons, and a time slot when high quality irons will be sold. The most sought after and rarest irons bring four and five-figure prices. A “Barnes Swan” iron has been committed for sale, which may be the most sought after American made iron.

The Congress site is the New Jersey State Fairgrounds in Sussex County, which is an ideal location as it is close to four major iron collections. Congress attendees will tour these collections during the days before the Congress convenes.

All iron collectors are invited to attend, whether a member of a club for iron collectors or not. For more information on the Pressing Iron and Trivet Collectors of America, and the 2015 International Congress of Iron Collectors, visit

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