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18th century Queen Anne doll may command $60K

A very seldom-seen 17 inch wooden Original Queen Anne Doll, circa 1720, with a wig made of human hair and stored in a glass case, is expected to vie for top lot, during Morphy Auctions' first toy auction of 2016, March 4-5.

DENVER, Pa. — Morphy Auctions' first premier toy sale of 2016 is set for March 4-5. All items from

Queen Anne doll

Original Queen Anne doll, circa 1720, may command between $40,000 to $60,000. (All photos courtesy Morphy Auctions)

this sale are on display in Morphy's auction gallery and available for view online at

This auction rolls out with over 60 choice lots of magnificent marbles. Lot 5, a very rare Shrunken Core Onionskin with Floating Mica Panels ($800-$1,200); lot 6, an absolutely outstanding Shrunken Core Onionskin with Floating Mica Panels ($8,000-$12,000); and lot 7, a Rare Open Panel Onionskin with a Mica Core, estimated at $3,000-$5,000, just may bring collectors to tears. And there is certain to be much interest in lot 13, a Rare Large Two Color Banded Lutz Marble, estimated at $2,000-$4,000. This big beauty, with a wet appearance and bands of mint green and blue, is the first our catalogers have seen in this configuration.

It's off to the races with this event's great selection of almost 40 vintage tin litho Japanese toys, many with car, motorcycle, and other transport themes. Lot 324, a 19" Japanese Friction Champion's Race Car, and lot 327, a 11-1/2" Japanese Friction Haji Ford Sunliner Convertible are the wheel-deal indeed. Both come with their original boxes and are estimated at $3,000-$6,000 each. Another highlight worthy of a crown would be lot 333, a Rare Japanese Friction Tin Litho Imperial Auto with its original box. This highly desirable example, one of the premier Japanese cars ever made, is estimated at $8,000-$12,000.

Robots are a very popular collector's category, and this sale offers over 20 out-of-this-world selections. One exceptional highlight would have to be lot 352, a Scarce Japanese Battery Op. R.C. Change Man Robot with its original box, is estimated at $3,000-$6,000. It is the second most detailed of the Change Man versions and features a detailed head and an intricate mechanism. This mechanical marvel is considered a prototype, as the design was never sold to the public.

This sale also builds momentum with a great selection of highly sought after erector sets. Lot 464, a Gilbert 1929 No. 9 Erector Mechanical Wonders Set - one of only a few boxed sets known - and lot 470, Gilbert 1929 No.10 Erector Set, a multi-layer set with removable parts trays, are both mechanical marvels and estimated at $4,000-$8,000 each. And collectors will have no trouble constructing interest in lot 478, a Gilbert 1927 Set No. 8 Erector Trumodel Set. This highly collectible example includes its original early decaled wooden box and is estimated at $2,000-$4,000.

According to Tommy Sage, Jr. Morphy Auctions' Head of Toy & Train Division, "We are all very excited about this upcoming sale, our first premier toy event for 2016. This is a particularly strong event for those collectors with an eye for fine toy cars, vehicles, and trains, with our selections across those broad categories second to none."

Drummer boy

Fisher-Price paper on wood No. 520 Drummer Boy ($800-$1,200)

It's hard to put a price on this event's playful selection of 70 lots of extraordinary Fisher Price toy selections. All are from private collections and are fresh to the market. Lot 132, a very rare Fisher Price No. 1054 Color Boxes set, including six different colored cylinders with matching top lids and balls, is a happy handful at $1,000-$1,500.And lots 103, a Fisher Price Paper on Wood No. 195 Teddy Bear drumming pair, and 107, a fantastic Fisher Price Paper on Wood No. 520 Drummer Boy, should be music to collector's ears. Both are estimated at $800-$1,200.

No doll is more worthy of the royal treatment in this sales event than lot 707, an Exceptional All Original Queen Anne Doll. This 17" rarity is from circa 1720, and is unquestionably one of the finest wooden dolls of its type to come to market in memory. This remarkable example is preserved in a gilt glass case and comes with a charming, period painting of her purportedly first owner. The doll comes to life with glass eyes, rosy cheeks, red lips, and a human hair wig. Most interestingly, she has writing on her silk bodice. Her wardrobe and accessories include leather fingerless gloves trimmed in blue, several layers of clothing, a quilted underskirt, a lace trimmed hat, a pair of silk boots, as well as a perfectly scaled handkerchief and pincushion. She was purchased in England in the 1980's and has been in a private collection since then. This Queen Anne doll is crowned with a $40,000-$60,000 auction estimate.

Dolls by Jumeau have been absolute collector's favorites since the late 1800's. This event presents 19 world-class examples of these treasures in an irresistible array of sizes and presentations. Good things come in threes with this sale's offering of First Series Portrait Jumeau Bebes. These pretty-as-a-picture dolls include lot 608, a very attractive 15-1/2" Bebe with highly desirable almond cut eyes; lot 713, a stunning 17" Bebe with tricolor glass eyes with extensive threading; and lot 647, an exceptional 17" Bebe with unusually attractive, traditional Jumeau facial features. All are all are on 8-ball jointed bodies and are estimated at $6,500 - $9,500 each.

This sale also features many dolls with French accents, with fine examples by Steiner, Francois Gaultier, SFBJ, and other makers on offer. Collectors will undoubtedly say "oui" to this auction's three Bru selections, with the finest being lot 649, a 16" Bebe with a Chevrot body and striking blue paperweight eyes. This outstanding, simply beautiful example is estimated at $5,000 - $7,000.

Fine dolls from Germany are also well represented in this event. Lot 722, a rare, fully jointed turn of last century felt Steiff farmer doll has things buttoned up with his early and authentic felt outfit that is integral to his body. This farmer is quite the charmer and comes with a robust provenance - including having been discovered in the attic of an abandoned apartment building scheduled for demolition. He is estimated at $1,000 - $2,000.

Christmas and Halloween items, as well as candy containers, are key categories in this sale. Lucky lot 777, a Halloween Veggie Man On A Pumpkin Candy Container, is truly the best of all worlds for collectors! This fine circa early 20th century German example is 8 -1/2" and is in near mint condition. It's all treats and no tricks with his $2,000-4,000 estimate.

It's time to weigh in on this auction's offerings of fine cast iron items. About 30 cast iron toys will


Large onionskin marble with blizzard mica, could see $8,000 to $12,000.

certainly test collector's mettle. Lot 812, a complete and all original Hubley 1890's Early Mechanical Parade Of Horses, leads the team with its $3,000-$4,000 estimate. Also featured are 150 solid lots of doorstops, knockers, openers, scrapers, stands, and other functional items. Two heavy hitting highlights include lot 887, an 18" tall Judd Company "The West Wind" doorstop featuring a beautiful young girl walking in a field of flowers (estimated at $3,00-4,000) and lot 899, an extremely rare 16-1/2'' tall Bradley and Hubbard full figured " Whistling Jim" doorstop with rubber bumpers, estimated at $2,000-3,000.

As with any Morphy's premier sale, there are always delightful and unexpected treasures waiting to be discovered. And such just might be the case with lot 257, an Emerson Walt Disney Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs Radio.
Disney and radio collectors alike will be whistling a happy tune over this 7" square, all original radio, estimated at $6,000-$9,000.

The caboose end of this toy sale features over 140 choice European and American locomotives, cars, tracks, and related train collectibles. Marklin enthusiasts will recognize lot 1037, a 2-Gauge Speis Wagon ($2,000-$4,000) and lot 1036, 1-Gauge PLM Passenger Cars with wood grain sides and white roofs ($4,000-$6,000) as first class selections. Those with an eye for more domestic railroad examples will track toward lot 1078, a Lionel 2148 Hudson Set With Madison Cars. This like new, five-piece collection includes its original boxes and is estimated at $3,000-$5,000.

Tin and character toys, banks, pressed steel items, soldiers, and many other exciting categories round out this most entertaining three day auction event.

For more information, visit, email, or call 717-335-3435.

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