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'American Pickers' seeking sellers in the Carolinas

The team from History's hit show 'American Pickers' are planning a trip to the Carolinas, and they're looking for residents of that region with collections they're willing to sell.

Recently we received word from the “American Pickers” team that they are gearing up for a visit to the Carolina region in the near future.

If you’re a fan of the History Channel hit television show you know that Mike and Frank travel across the country in search of a wide variety of antiques and collectibles, taking viewers along on their various picking adventures. Meanwhile, Danielle not only holds down the fort at home base, but she also broker’s deals, and provides the guys leads while they’re on the road.


If you reside in North or South Carolina, have a large collection of items comprised of any of the items included on the list pictured below, and are willing to consider selling, the “American Pickers” crew is interested in hearing from you.

Among the items they're interested in: Vespas, Lambretta, Cushman; old advertising; vintage motorcycles; bicycles (1940’s or earlier); unusual radios: transistor/tabletop; old toys: tin, wind-up, cast iron; pre-1950’s vending machines; pinball and slot machines; old movie posters; antique casino/gaming machines; vintage movie memorabilia; vintage advertising Items; taxidermy; vintage concert posters and t-shirts; early boy scout items; pre-1960’s vintage diner collectibles; pre-1960’s TV merchandise; pre-1950’s western/equestrian gear; classic motorcycle memorabilia.

Plus old rodeo items; airline collectibles: Pan-Am, TWA, etc.; Late-1970’s and earlier military Items; bizarre mobster memorabilia; vintage police officer collectibles; pre-1940’s telephones; folk art; vintage BB Guns/cap guns; early Halloween items; pre-1940’s Christmas items; Hawaiiana/Tiki collectibles; vintage sports collectibles; vintage election memorabilia; musical instruments; Civil War antiques; intage gas pumps; pre-1970’s neon signs; and vintage collegiate collectibles.

To get in touch with the team regarding items you think they may be interested in seeing and you are interested in selling, during their upcoming trip: Email your name, number, town, state and the items, along with pictures, you think may be of interest to the group to: Or call and leave a message at 1-855-OLD-RUST.

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