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Bidders setting their sights on JFK’s rifle

More than 3,000 firearms and related items, including JFK's M1 rifle, will come before bidders during the September Premiere Firearms Auction offered by Rock Island Auctions.
JFK's M1 Garand

Documented U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy U.S. Springfield Armory National Match 1959 M1 Garand Semi-Automatic Rifle ($50,000-$100,000). (All photos courtesy Rock Island Auctions)

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois — Rock Island Auction Company’s 2015 September Premiere Firearms Auction is taking place September 11-13. By the numbers, this sale offers more than 3,000 items in over 2,800 lots including: 350-plus Winchesters, 600-plus Colts, in excess of 250 foreign military arms, 400-plus U.S. Military arms, over 850 sporting arms, as well as 60-plus Class III firearms, and nearly 800 arms in the auction that are classified as antiques. Combine these sheer numbers with the five outstanding collections appearing in this sale, and the result is an exciting three-day event.


The collections in this auction span a variety of genres and present five centuries of firearm design, expertise, patience, and dedication. The themes of the consigned collections include early European and high art firearms, German military arms, antique Colts and Winchesters, Winchester 1885s, and World Class Kentucky Rifles.

This auction also has many single items with remarkable history and provenance. The National Match M1 Garand belonging to John F. Kennedy is already creating a stir among collectors. A historic Cole Agee engraved, gold plated Colt Single Action Army with pearl grips has come from the Roy Rogers Dale Evans Museum and is documented as being the “holster gun” of Roy Rogers, the King of the Cowboys himself. A pre-French and Indian War Land Pattern Brown Bess flintlock musket is also offered. This remarkable firearm is accompanied by a Revolutionary War diary, its full transcription, and research documents. This auction will also offer a pair of special order FBI Colt Official Police double action revolvers used to create a pair of bookends that were used in F.B.I. director J. Edgar Hoover’s office.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-238-8022.

Holster Gun Roy Rogers

Historic Cole Agee Engraved and Gold Plated Colt Single Action Army Revolver with Pearl Grips Documented as Being Roy Rogers "Holster Gun" from the Roy Rogers Dale Evans Museum ($18,000-$27,500)