Brimfield Auction Acres: The show that started it all

In 1959, Gordon Reid and his wife Madelyn envisioned Brimfield as the antiques center of the nation. And during his lifetime, the dream reached fruition.
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Ode to Brimfield Auction Acres founder Gordon Reid

The world famous Brimfield and Collectibles Show is now 60 years old. The Brimfield antiques fair traces its beginnings to innovative Brimfield resident and auctioneer Gordon Reid.

 Brimfield barn.

Brimfield barn.

In 1959, sixty-seven dealers gathered on Reid’s route 20 property, aptly called “Auction Acres.” Gordon and his wife Madelyn envisioned Brimfield as the antiques’ center of the nation, and during his lifetime, the dream reached fruition.

That first show paved the way for what would become an extravaganza, rivaling the nation’s most prestigious antique shows. 

The dealers, townspeople and buying public were happy when the twice a year, 24-hour show evolved into a three times a year, two-day event. Today, many say it is the greatest antique show on earth. 

Brimfield Antiques fair founder Gordon Reid.

Brimfield Antiques fair founder Gordon Reid. Photo courtesy Brimfield Auction Barn.

Gordon’s daughters, Jill and Judy, carried the family tradition forward as J&J Promotions. Eventually homeowners along route 20 opened their yards and fields to accommodate the rapidly expanding number of dealers who were vying for space. Brimfield has become the antique center of the country.

Brimfield Auction Acres is proud to be the birthplace of the Brimfield Shows. We welcome dealers, shoppers and our community to embrace the excitement.

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