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Cash register club meeting, swapping in Illinois

It's been nearly 140 years since an Ohio café/saloon owner came up with the idea that would become the cash register, but thanks to members of the Cash Register Collector Club these devices continue to be celebrated.

The Cash Register Collector Club will hold its Spring 2018 Swap Meet and Club Meeting on Thursday, April 5 in St. Charles, Illinois.

Conference & Club Meet

The Swap Meet will be held in an indoor facility at the Kane County Fairgrounds on Randolph Road from 8 a.m.-noon in conjunction with the Coin Op Club Swap Meet. After the swap meet has concluded, a club meeting of the Cash Register Collector Club will be held in the conference room of the St. Charles Quality Inn at 2 p.m. During the meeting, many members bring items they have recently found to a show-and-tell segment.

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The cash register swap meet provides an excellent opportunity to find the antique cash registers and register parts that are seldom available in antique shops and malls. You never know what will show up. At the fall swap meet in November 2017, a rare, one-of-a-kind, never-seen-before unique Lamson register appeared, along with great top signs, personalized lid and back plates, and cash register clocks.

Learn from Veteran Cash Register Collectors

New collectors and individuals thinking about entering the hobby can gain a wealth of information from the veteran collectors who gather in the lobby of the Quality Inn on Wednesday and Thursday evenings for a social hour. Many of the collectors will also be available at the swap meet to help with questions regarding a register you own. The knowledge of these collectors is amazing.

The Quality Inn provides discounted room rates for CRCC members. The atmosphere of the hotel is friendly and inviting.

On Friday morning, CRCC members attend the three-day Chicago Coin Op Show at Pheasant Run Mega Center to hunt for more antique cash registers and parts. It is always interesting to see what others find at the show.

Learn More and Make Plans

Anyone with an interest in attending the event should contact the club. It is a great hobby to be a part of. These registers are not only fun to work on, but they are a marvel to look at. We look forward to seeing many new faces at this spring’s event.

Visit the Cash Register Collector Club website at, or visit them on Facebook at Cash Register Collectors Club for more details, or email Rick Petty,