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Museum-Quality Carnival Glass Collection Coming to Auction

The sale will include more than 300 lots of meticulously curated rare and exceptional pieces in the Christina Katsikas collection.
Northwood Dark Ice Blue Grape and Cable 10-piece master punch set.

Northwood Dark Ice Blue Grape and Cable 10-piece master punch set.

CAMBRIDGE, Ohio - The museum-quality carnival glass collection of a noted longtime collector is one of the most important collections of it coming to auction this year.

On Saturday, June 13, Matthew Wroda Auctions is offering the collection of Christina Katsikas, which includes more than 300 pieces of carnival glass that she has meticulously curated for almost 20 years. 

Wroda said that this will be one of the most important collections of carnival glass to come up for auction in 2020. Understanding the significance of the collection is to also appreciate the eye and motivation of Katsikas.

Northwood 17-1/2" Ice Green Tree Trunk funeralvase, extremely rare with iridescence of green.
blue, pink, and yellow, with emerald green tips.

Northwood 17-1/2" Ice Green Tree Trunk funeral vase, extremely rare with iridescence of green. blue, pink, and yellow, with emerald green tips.

Like many in the antiques field, she started at a young age helping her aunt sell antiques at shows. Part of her payment was a $20 bill from her aunt to "Go out and buy something you like." This was the genesis of many of her collections, but her love for carnival glass started in 1991, when she and her business partner handled a collection of it that was exceptionally exquisite. At the time, she was not in a position to purchase any of the pieces, but that auction planted the seeds of interest. It wasn't until 2006 when Christina joined two Florida carnival glass clubs that her collecting started like a striking match, Wroda said.

Christina's philosophy is to buy quality and rarity. In accumulating both rare and exceptional pieces, coupled with an interest in history and provenance, she set out to amass a collection in order to start a carnival glass museum. She was well on her way until circumstances changed and priorities shifted. She dedicated herself to looking after her family and went into an entirely different business venture: selling fireworks. She is the president of Hooksett Fireworks, Inc. in New Hampshire. Christina said she sees no disparity between the two loves.

"Carnival glass and fireworks have gone hand in hand in my life. Both have that wonderful adrenaline rush. You know you've found the right ones when they make your eyes open wider and make your heart beat faster," she said.

Along with exceptional pieces such as four Millersburg Butterfly and Corn vases, one vaseline, one marigold, one green and one purple and a spectacular array of Grape and Cable Master punch sets that have a pre-auction estimate of between $2,000 to $45,000, the auction will include examples of just about every type of carnival glass made, along with prices to suit just about every buyer. 

Dugan 10-3/4" Electric Purple Farmyard 3-in-1 edgebowl with yellow and blue chickens.

Dugan 10-3/4" Electric Purple Farmyard 3-in-1 edge bowl, with yellow and blue chickens.

Other pieces up for auction are an aqua opal Peacock at Fountain footed fruit bowl, ice blue and ice green Tree Trunk funeral vases, two Indiana Statehouse plates, 12 different Northwood Corn vases, and three Tree Trunk Elephant Foot vases in marigold, green and purple, along with some of the finest and rarest Mlllersburg carnival glass pieces.

Wroda noted that this auction is scheduled to have attendance at this time, but will keep people informed if this changes. Watch for COVID-19 updates and mandates at the auction house's website.

It will be at at the Southgate Hotel, 2248 Southgate Parkway, Cambridge, Ohio, 43725. Doors will open at 8 a.m. ET on Saturday and the auction will start at 9:30 a.m. There will be a preview on Friday, June 12, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with a reception from 4-6 p.m. 

Millersburg 9" vaseline Fleur de lys dome footedsquare bowl, extremely rare and outstanding blue iridescence.

Millersburg 9" vaseline Fleur de lys dome-footed square bowl, extremely rare and with outstanding blue iridescence.

Online bidding will be provided through Proxibid and Auctionflex, and bids will also be accepted by mail, email and phone. For more information and to see more pieces, visit Matthew Wroda Auctions

You can also view Katsikas' spectacular collection in the video below:

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