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Deltiologists celebrate National Postcard Week 2019

National Postcard Week 2019 ended weeks ago, yet we're still enjoying the experience. Here are the cards Antique Trader received in trade for its own limited edition NPCW 2019 postcard.

The National Postcard Week experience

National Postcard Week 2019 ended weeks ago, yet I’m still enjoying the experience. Going through the cards again to recap for readers is just as much fun as going to the mailbox each day during postcard week and seeing what new cards have arrived.

Antique Trader received dozens of unique postcards. Some are poignant, others funny, and even more were inspiring. One thing they all have in common: Every postcard sent is a connection made. Like-minded collectors and enthusiasts connecting through such a simple object and gesture ... it feels like a tradition that comes from the “good old days,” doesn’t it?

Before I get too philosophical (if I haven’t already), let’s get down to some observations about this year’s Antique Trader postcard exchange.

One of the wonderful things about participating in National Postcard Week is you can be as simple or complex as you wish to be when creating your postcards. We received several cards that were printed on cardstock and cut to approximate postcard size. Many are printed by services such as Zazzle and Vistaprint (which is the printing service that Antique Trader used to have its postcards made).

A growing trend is card-swappers creating their cards using products like PostPix to turn 4x6 photos into postcards. Kudos to you! The results are impressive, as these types of products create really nice heavy-stock postcards that should keep well. The fact that products like PostPix are developed and produced is a testament to the popularity of postcards.

National Postcard Week cards commemorate events

Like Antique Trader, many participants commemorated an anniversary on their own National Postcard Week postcards. What better way to point out a connection with (and learn about) the past than with a commemorative postcard (stamp, coin, or medal)? For example, Carol Peluso of West Hempstead, New York, commemorates the 50th anniversary of Woodstock on her NPCW postcard. “I was there!” she says on her card.

The Denver Postcard Club is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2019. Two of the club’s members sent in the DPC’s postcard, which also points out the 100th anniversary of Denver’s Civic Center Park this year.

John Staub of Aloha, Oregon, celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the American Legion; the American Legion was founded in Paris, France by American veterans four months after World War I. John says “If any of your readers would like this card of 150 total produced they can send $1 plus SASE or trade in kind. (John Staub, 4960 SW 166th Ave., Aloha, OR 97078-1951.)

Another noteworthy commemorative: 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing. Dolores Rowe includes this important anniversary on her postcard, noting: “In 1969 Leon and I were in Honolulu where he had a scholarship to attend the University of Hawaii; I studied Hawaiian history. Between classes, we watched the moon landing on TVs at an electronics store.”

Betsy Wadington has created three lovely National Postcard Week postcards for 2019. “The first one ‘Mermaid Mail’ comes from a vintage postcard image from 1910. The second one ‘2019 Art Deco Halloween Party’ comes from vintage bridge tallies circa 1924. The third image ‘Krampus Kat’ comes from a vintage postcard from 1908. It reminds me of my cat Buster carrying the devil Krampus in his mouth. He can be a devil ...” To see many more of Betsy’s designs, plus vintage postcards and ephemera, visit her Etsy shop, Postcard Fancy, at

Demaris Swint, a member of the International Federation of Postcard Dealers hails from Alamo, Texas. She sent us a total of six National Postcard Week postcards. In her letter, Demaris says, “I always have fun making these special postcards. ... This is one of my favorite topics and I love to see what others have created.”

Each year she creates a printed directory ($15; add $5 for plastic comb binding) of NPCW postcards. The funds raised from selling the directory go toward directory materials and website maintenance. If you would like your card included in the directory (or to trade), send to Demaris Swint, PO Box 746, Alamo, TX 78516.

Each passing year, we’ve noticed more postcards being delivered in envelopes. Nearly all were mailed in envelopes this year; only a handful were mailed and cancelled as postcards. Several were even mailed in plastic postcard sleeves to protect the postcards. What this tells me is those who participate in the postcard exchange want to preserve these contemporary postcards every bit as much as they would want to preserve antique postcards.

To enjoy more National Postcard Week postcards, and connect with more like-minded deltiologists - visit the NPCW group on Facebook at

We hope you all had a fun and exciting postcard exchange for National Postcard Week 2019. We’re already looking forward to NPCW2020, which will be held May 3-9, 2020.

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