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Kammer & Reinhardt 'Karl' doll fetches $23,700

During James D. Julia's Nov. toy doll auction, a sale which saw windup toys, still banks, advertising and coin-op collections, and Steiff dolls draw much bidder interest, total sales topped $1.4M.

FAIRFIELD, Maine — After the final gavel fell, James D. Julia’s November 7 toy and doll auction results were tallied at just over $1.4 million, attesting to the nonstop parade of quality, condition, rarity and diversity among the event’s offerings.

Starting the show was the windup toy, still bank, advertising and coin-op collection of

Kammer & Reinhardt doll

This exceedingly rare 21” Kammer & Reinhardt 107 boy doll, known as Karl, has painted blue eyes, generously proportioned ears, and full pouting lips, which gave him the most engrossing woeful expression. He changed hands at $23,700. (Photo courtesy James D. Julia Inc.)

the late Carol and Jerry Soling of Pound Ridge, New York. Highlights include a painted version Palace still bank with exceptional modeling and paint, which landed at a final price of $18,367; a diminutive J & E Stevens painted Crown bank with cupola and red trim gathered $5,806; a Town Hall bank by Kyser & Rex, painted in bright primary colors rather than the traditional japanned finish, went out at $4,977; and a large painted City Bank with more muted pastels hit $4,740.

An array of Lehmann tin windups, many of which retained their original boxes, included a “Walking Down Broadway” that finished at $25,515 — setting an auction record.

Toys from other collections included a variety of pressed steel featuring several Buddy L pieces, including a Huckster delivery van with trademark front end construction that went out at $3,850. A Buddy L stake body baggage truck sold just above its estimate for $1,896.

A selection of German Steiff fared well. An Apricot bear with charming facial features, retaining his original ear button, sold for $2,607; a 5-ways jointed white Steiff bear from 1907 in very good condition earned $2,844; a desirable Steiff “Bully” dog with his original bell, collar and metal rimmed chest tag also fetched $2,844.

The auction also featured a grouping of quality antique advertising items that performed admirably, including numerous pieces that seldom hit the marketplace. Featured were large-scale early movie posters, lithographed paper signs for soda, tobacco, early medicinal products, etc. Of the many highlights, interest ran high on his exceptional grouping of Buffalo Bill and 101 Ranch posters. An imposing three-sheet poster showing Buffalo Bill sitting calmly on the sidelines of his great spectacle, awaiting his cue to enter and save the day, sold for $13,035. An example picturing a young Chief Red Cloud scouting a prairie landscape below illustrative copy for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World show finished up at $10,665. A vibrant stone lithographed paper poster for Kickapoo Indian Remedies, featuring a native princess, found a buyer at $12,442. A 19th century Samuel Robb-attributed cigar store Indian with superb paint and patina went to a new home at $29,625.

In the movie and theater poster category, a bold poster for Arthur Conan Doyle’s

vintage advertising sign

A selection of large scale hand painted tin signs by Ithaca Sign Works included this marvelous example of a group of folks out for a Sunday drive in their open air Ford vehicle, which sold for $16,590. (Photo courtesy James D. Julia, Inc.)

Sherlock Holmes tale “The Hound of the Baskervilles” found $18,960; an example advertising “The Blue Dahlia” went out at $2,962; and a poster for “Moon Over Miami” featuring a sultry Vargas image of Betty Grable sold for $2,488.

Julia’s also presented a selection of more than 200 dolls including French bebes and German character dolls. A rare 21-inch Kammer & Reinhardt 107 boy doll, known as Karl, changed hands at $23,700. A Depose Jumeau E. 9 J. with brown paperweight eyes and nice modeling sold for $3,910; a slightly smaller Depose Jumeau E. 7 J. went out at $4,740; and a Bru Brevete bebe with blue threaded paperweight eyes and delicate facial features changed hands at $8,887.

Julia’s upcoming auctions include their winter antiques, fine art and Chinese artifacts auction in February, while a firearms and military memorabilia auction will be held in March. Julia’s next toy and doll auction, as well as their rare lamp and glass auction, will follow in June. Julia’s is currently accepting consignments for these and other upcoming auctions. For more information, contact the firm at 207-453-7125; James D. Julia Inc., P.O. Box 830, Dept. PR, Fairfield, ME 04937; or

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