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Video Tour of Doris Day's Home

Julien's Auctions walks us through Doris Day's home in her beloved Carmel, California, prior to a special auction event celebrating her amazing life.
Doris Day and Cary Grant on the set of "That Touch of Mink," which won the Golden Globe  for Best Comedy movie in 1962. Day won four Golden Globes in her career.

Doris Day and Cary Grant on the set of "That Touch of Mink." Day was 46 when she left Hollywood for good. 

In 1968, after appearing in 39 movies and entertaining audiences as the perpetually perky girl next door, Doris Day walked away from Hollywood, living the rest of her life quietly and happily in her beloved home in Carmel, California. “Doris Day was a Hollywood giant as one of the screen’s legendary leading actresses, top box office stars and one of the greatest singers of the 20th century with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland,” said Martin Nolan, Executive Director of Julien’s Auctions who is handling the sale of her Doris Day's estate April 4-5.

Join Nolan on an insightful and intimate tour of Day's home as he shares her private and public memories and furnishings among the 800 items available in the auction celebrating her life. 

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