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Samuel Colt-presented revolver in Dec. 1-3 firearms auction

Winchester, Colt, Parker, and more legendary makers will be represented in Rock Island Auctions' Dec. 1-3 Premiere Firearms Auction. Among the headliners is a Henry rifle with silver gilding, and a Colt revolver presented personally from Samuel Colt, himself.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. — December 1-3 Rock Island Auction Company will present its final firearms auction of the 2017 calendar year.

The Premiere Firearms Auction features 2,881 lots of firearms and antique and collectible firearm accessories. Bidding options include: In-person at the Rock Island Auction facility, 7819 42nd Street West Rock Island, Illinois; live bidding via telephone, absentee, and internet bidding via the Rock Island Auction site, Invaluable or Proxibid.

Winchester "One of One Thousand" Model 1873 rifle

Scarce documented Winchest First Model 1873 "One of One Thousand" lever-action rifle with a factory letter. This is one of 136 of this type of rifle manufactured between 1875 and 1879. ($375,000-$550,000). (All photos courtesy of Rock Island Auction Co.)

Winchesters Plentiful in Firearms Auction

Most noteworthy, topping the offerings from Winchester is a Henry with silver gilding and engraving. It is a deluxe rifle certain to endear itself to lever gun collectors. Also notable from the hundreds of rifles available is a rare and magnificent Winchester First Model 1873 “One of One Thousand” rifle. In addition, this significant offering is an incredible rarity for collectors of exceptional 19th century American arms.

High-End Sporting

In addition, an extensive selection of high-end sporting arms are also present in the December firearms auction. Familiar and foundational names in the genre will be out in full force. Holland & Holland, Rigby, Parker, Greener, Heym, and others appear in the catalog. Serving as the flagship will be the extraordinary bespoke pair of Philippe Grifnee gold inlaid H&H Royal Deluxe shotguns with engraving. Imbued with a fantastic fantasy theme and chambered in 28 gauge, this pair is fresh to market and an absolute masterpiece. Also, they are two of a staggering five Holland & Holland arms in this sale graced by Grifnee’s artistry.

Also of interest to shooters and collectors of sporting arms will be the excellent selection of large bore hunting rifles in exotic and powerful calibers.

Classic Colts

Colt presented Police Percussion Revolver

Historic cased Deluxe factory engraved and inscribed Samuel Colt Presentation Colt Model 1862 police percussion revolver. It was presented personally by Samuel Colt to Major Charles Traintor Baker, and it was the second time Colt presented a revolver to Baker. ($140,000-$240,000).

Furthermore, the demand for beautiful Colt revolvers is endless and collectors know to find the best at Rock Island Auction Company. The December firearms auction will continue this tradition with hundreds of arms from the legendary manufacturer. Of significant interest will be a historical Colt Walker, an issue to C Company, Walker’s own unit. One of only 220 ever made, these revolvers are the Holy Grail for many collectors. However, leading the way for Colts will be a first year production Model 1862 Police revolver with factory engraving. It came directly from Samuel Colt to Major Charles Traintor Baker. Major Baker also received another Colt from Colt and it currently resides in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Also, given the date of the presentation, it was likely one of the last firearms Colt presented before his death.

In conclusion, artisan antiques, outstanding Smith & Wesson revolvers, and military arms will be available for bidding.

For more information, visit, email, or call 800-238-8022.

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