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5 celebrity sunglasses that sold for tidy sums at auction

Celebrities are undoubtedly trend setters. Even on the auction front. Check out 5 sunglasses that made news simply because of their connection to a celebrity.

The Vision Council earmarked today (June 27) as a day to recognize the valuable service sunglasses provide. It is a significant job sunglasses provide by protecting eyes from ultraviolet rays. Plus, to do so in a stylish manner is a win-win.

Roy Rogers' sunglasses

Roy Rogers' aviator sunglasses, mid-20th century. Sold for $2,750 at auction in 2010.

More than a few people agree, based on information gleaned from Statistic Brain Research Institute, which puts annual sunglass sales in the U.S. at 95,900,000, as of 2016. Observationally speaking, some of the most trendy wearers are famous folks. An example of this can be seen in the response from bidders when forms of this eye ware owned by celebrities come to auction. 

Celebrity Shades Shine At Auction

  1. Pair of aviator-style sunglasses owned and worn by classic cowboy Roy Rogers sold for $2,750 during an auction offered by Christie’s in 2010. The sunglasses bear the initials RR on one lens and the bust of a horse on the other.
  2. Marilyn Monroe’s personal pearl-colored plastic sunglasses in the cat’s eye design sold for $3,346 during a 2007 Entertainment/Music Memorabilia Auction at Heritage Auctions.
  3. Gold-metal framed sunglasses worn by Michael Jackson in 1984 while performing during the
Elvis sunglasses

Elvis Presley's 'Tiger Man' sunglasses, circa 1974. Sold for $22,500 at auction in 2012.

Jackson’s Victory tour, realized $40,516 during an auction presented by Julien’s in 2010.

4. An unforgettable pair of ‘Tiger Man’ sunglasses featuring bright yellow lenses held inside gold metal frames, and worn by Elvis Presley during performances in 1974, commanded $22,500 during the 2012 Elvis Memorabilia Auction presented by Heritage Auction. The pair of sunglasses is one of 10 to have sold through Heritage Auctions.

5. Pair of flip-up tortoise shell sunglasses worn by Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson. He sported the shades in the field of play during the 1960s and 1970s. The pair realized $7,170 during a 2015 Sports Collectibles Auction offered by Heritage Auctions.

Video of Brooks Robinson in action, including a play where he's sporting his famous shades...

Collecting Tip: If the hunt for vintage sunglasses piques your interest, spend a little time perusing retro shops featuring vintage fashions, pay close attention to box lots at estate sales, and keep an eye out for small selections of collectible fashion accessories while strolling through flea markets.

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