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Happy discovery of postcard-collecting passion

Sometimes the discovery of a collecting interest comes as a surprise. Case in point a recent letter from an Antique Trader reader and our newest postcard penpal.

Dear Antique Trader,

Sorry to be a straggler, but I just read your article about the response to National Postcard Week (NPCW). *Revisit the June 7, 2017 issue of Antique Trader to view images of postcards to come in as part of the celebration of NPCW.

Pleasant Discovery of Collecting Interest

Canadian fishing postcard

Divided back postcard, published by Northland Specialty Co., Thunder Bay, Ontario, with the title "We caught our supper" Canada...angler's paradise, printed on back. (All postcard images submitted by Barbara Prothero)

I didn’t realize I was a postcard collector until I went through my Russell Stover candy tin. It is full of postcards.

Here are a few examples for your collection. I just bought a few vintage postcards at the Shawano Flea Market ( Think I’ll go back this Sunday in hopes of finding a few more.

I would be up for a postcard exchange — any types.

— Barbara Prothero
Clintonville, Wis.

Opportunities to Support a Growing Interest

Editors’ Note: We welcome correspondence from any reader at any time, therefore eliminating the label of ‘straggler.’ If you can relate to Ms. Prothero’s recent discovery of being a deltiologist (one who collects postcards), congratulations and we hope this is the beginning of an exciting time in your life as a collector.

As Ms. Prothero references in her note, we are open to postcard exchanges. We decided participating in NPCW was such a joyful experience that we’d continue throughout the year. Simply send us a postcard with a message indicating your desire to become postcard pals and your address, and we’ll return in kind. Mail postcards to Antique Trader Postcard Exchange, 700 East State St., Iola, WI 54990.

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