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Esteemed British actor’s awards, medals set to sell

A selection of awards and medals presented to the late British acting icon Sir Christopher Lee will come before bidders Nov. 1 through Spink auction house.

LONDON – Spink auction house will offer approximately 50 medals and awards at auction Nov. 1. The items are those of Sir Christopher Lee, C.B.E., C.St.J.

Medals of Sir Christopher Lee

Sample display of some of the military and service medals and awards presented to Sir Christopher Lee, now up for bid. Photo courtesy Spink.

Objects Tell A Story

The selection of objects charts the life and career of the British actor, from active service as a young RAF officer in the Second World War through to his British Film Institute (B.F.I.) Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013.

The evening auction will take place at Spink’s London headquarters Nov. 1. In addition to in-person, telephone and absentee bidding, internet bidding is available at

“The auction highlights the diversity of his achievements, from his World War II medals and his mention in despatches certificate to his CBE and Knight Bachelor’s Badge, as well as the numerous awards earned through an acting career lasting almost seven decades and in which he appeared in over 250 movies, as Dracula in the Hammer movies, Lord Summerisle in ‘The Wicker Man,’ Saruman in ‘Lord of the Rings,’ and Count Dooku in ‘Star Wars,’” states David Erskine-Hill, Medal specialist at Spink.

No Reserves Set

Furthermore, the auction lots will be offered with estimates from £100 ($118) and with no reserves.

ViennaFilm Award

Vienna Film Lifetime Achievement Award, 2011, to Sir Christopher Lee, C.B.E., C. St. J.

Among the medals and awards include:

• Campaign medals awarded to Sir Christopher Lee for his efforts and active service in the Second World War (£800-£1,200/$940-$1,400).

— British Film Institute Fellowship Award (£2,000-£3,000/$2,350-$3,500).

• “World Awards” Lifetime Achievement Award, comprises a finely cast bronze figure of a seated Atlas and weighs in at more than 16 pounds (£700-£900/$800-$1,000).

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