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Casting Call: Program focuses on restoring artifacts for loved ones

Production company TwoFour America is producing a new antiques-related TV program for a highly regarded cable network and is looking for participants.

If you have always dreamt of restoring a vintage artifact that has sentimental value for a loved one (or have already started such a project), you will be interested in a new television program in development for a highly regarded cable network.

The entertainment production company TwoFour America develops and produces television series for networks like Nat Geo, History Channel, and Discovery Channel. Catching Monsters, Rocky Mountain Law, and Edge of Alaska are a few of the company’s recent accomplishments.

For its next project, TwoFour America is looking for people who want to surprise a loved one with a restored family heirloom or a long-lost treasured possession.

Producer Andrea McHugh explains, “If you or someone you know has always wanted to, or has started working on restoring a vintage item that has a great historical and/or sentimental significance for a loved one, with the intent on reuniting their loved one with the restored gift – we’d love to speak to you.”

Regarding the type of items the show is looking for, McHugh says, “We are open to any kind of project – antique fishing boats, clocks, cars, tractors, farm equipment, motorcycles, vintage guns, campers, hunting equipment, military memorabilia or any other item of personal significance.”

“Whether you've always wanted to restore great-grandad's WWII revolver to give to your dad, or you want to surprise your hardworking parents with a restored relic from the family business, or surprise your uncle with the motorcycle he rode after his time in Vietnam, we'd like to hear from you,” McHugh continues.

Those interested in being featured on the new show need to act quickly; TwoFour America is aiming at filming its sizzle reel (demo reel) at the end of January or early February.

Until the series gets the go-ahead from the cable network, production is limited to a story in southern California. McHugh is enthusiastic, however, about the show’s potential. She explains, “We are going to pitch stories from all over the country … and once the show is greenlit, we will be able to film [other] restorations,” meaning they are looking for stories nationwide.

Calling for restoration specialists, too

TwoFour is also looking for professional restorers who are experts in mechanics, woodworking, metal work, blacksmithing and general contracting to help lead the restorations.

For consideration, send your name, telephone number, email address and a description of either your gift or background as an expert to

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