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Nostalgic Treasures 2017: Share your stories for a chance at great prizes

At the center of many people's love of antiques and collectibles is a story or stories regarding the item of appreciation. Once again this year Antique Trader invites you to share the story of your Nostalgic Treasure for a chance to win great prizes.

IOLA, Wis. — Following a successful 2016 Nostalgic Treasures contest, the call is out again for more stories. Story submissions will appear in the special Nostalgic Treasures print issue of Antique Trader, but each entry will put the writer in the running to possibly win some great prizes.

Your Treasures Are Important, Your Nostalgic Story Matters

As we've mentioned in the past, although we are in the trade of antiques and collectibles, and if money is not changing hands, there isn't much business happening, but we also recognize nostalgia is an important part of life. With that, we invite you to share the stories about the things you treasure most. The beauty of the Nostalgic Treasures contest is that the stories come from you; they are about treasures you cherish, and every story matters. Sometimes the stories are about items people have found and flipped for profit, other stories are about items discovered or inherited that someone simply loves for a number of reasons, and still more story submissions are about the heartfelt experiences related to a cherished treasure.

Nostalgic Treasures logo

"We believe that all the stories from our readers are worthy of an audience because they show others new points of view … that what one person may dismiss as having little to no value is “priceless” to someone else," states Karen Knapstein, Antique Trader Print Editor. "We respect nostalgic worth as much as monetary value, and we’re looking forward to reading stories from past participants and from new fans and readers." 

Share Your Story With People Who 'Get It'

During the couple years leading up to our switch from a Favorite Finds contest to the Nostalgic Treasures event, feedback from readers revealed a number of people didn’t feel their “favorite find” was “good enough” to submit to the contest; and that what made their item important to them wasn’t necessarily the monetary value, but the item’s sentimental worth. As we mentioned in 2016 and was represented in the wonderful story submissions we received, the stories surrounding your treasures are important, and every item is 'good enough'. 

"Each year, the panel of judges is tasked with choosing finalists and weighing in on who should be the ultimate winner in our annual contest. With all the wonderful entries, to say it’s challenging is a gross understatement," Knapstein adds. "Each story has its own merits – a story might hit you in the ‘feels,’ or it’s historically significant, or it’s about some pricey treasure – choosing is really difficult!"

In case you are looking for ideas of the kind of stories featured in the 2016 Nostalgic Treasures issue, here is a short list with a line or two from the article. Please keep in mind these are examples and not guidelines. We want to receive your story about your treasures and what they mean to you.

Inspiring Examples

Peter Rabbit book

Vicky Kellen's heirloom copy of "Peter Rabbit." (Submitted photo)

• Grand Prize Winner: "Peter Rabbit celebrated as a member of the family" by Vicky Kellen. Speaking about the heirloom copy of the book "Peter Rabbit", her mother's only book as a child, the book passed down to Vicky, which has been read by her son and now her granddaughter. "In January, 1946, my father’s handwriting completes the inscription of Peter Rabbit to me, at the age of two years, five months. The ensuing wear and love to my now favorite book produced loose pages (never to be subjected to crayon or pen) and shaky binding. Peter held a place of honor on my book shelves, along with the read and reread Bobbsey Twins and later volumes from the Wizard of Oz series as well as several adventures of Nancy Drew."

• Runner-Up: "'Hearts Desire' a tale of unbridled hope and loss" by Bonnie Rebel. This story begins in 1944 with a group of grade-school chums out enjoying a hunt for pheasants. The writer's brother Rusty suffered a near-death accidental shooting when a hunting shotgun unexpectedly discharged, striking him in the back of the leg. While little Rusty the sister-and-brother duo's Aunt Rosie shared the story of Rusty's situation with a local radio station hosting a contest called 'Heart's Desire.' Thanks to Aunt Rosie, Rusty was the winner of the contest and received a pair of saddle pants, a jacket, shirt, rope, bridle, and saddle. Fast forward several decades and Ms. Rebel discovered Rusty's 'Heart's Desire' contest winnings in her parents' home. Now the items are in her collection.

• Editors' Choice: "Grandma's house always a delight" by Henry Dudek. In this submission, Mr. Dudek discusses some of the many fascinating items found in his grandparents' house, that inspired his own passion for collecting and preserving items. There was an old crank movie projector, which produced old Buster Keaton films, there was a wind-up pendulum clock, old license plates, a collection of buttons, and the many wonderful canisters in grandma's kitchen -- including those that held some of the special treats Mr. Dudek enjoyed as a child.

Keep An Eye On Prizes

Again, these are just a few examples, and perhaps sources of inspiration for your own tale about a

 Vintage child's saddle pants, won in a contest. (Submitted photo)

Vintage child's saddle pants, won in a contest. (Submitted photo)

Nostalgic Treasure. Remember, your story and sentiments surrounding a cherished collectible matter, and we'd love to hear about it and have the opportunity to share it with others. Plus, your submission puts you in the running for a chance to receive one of three prize packs. The prizes are still being gathered, but among the confirmed items is a copy of "Tiffany Glass Coloring Book", an Altimeter table clock by Pendulux, an Olivetti Pattern Series Notebook/Journal, an iconic collectible pen, and a six-book mini library of collecting references. 

Each person is allowed to submit two stories, and if you submitted a story for the 2016 contest, you are welcome to submit a different story for the 2017 Nostalgic Treasures Contest. 

Enter Now

Entries eligible for inclusion in the 2017 contest will be accepted through midnight October 6, 2017. Contest entries can be sent to Antique Trader Nostalgic Treasures Contest, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990 or to If sending by e-mail, include “2017 Nostalgia Treasures Contest Entry” in the subject line.

If you have any questions, please email

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