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Noted philately, numismatic collection before bidders May 19

Dr. Alan York's collection of philately and numismatic specimens includes many scarce examples related to some of the most defining moments in world history. A segment of this collection is coming before bidders May 19 through Roland Auctions.

NEW YORK — Roland Auctions New York is presenting the seventh auction containing collections from the Estate of Dr. Alan York (1925 - 2014). A nationally renowned and esteemed collector, Dr. York’s vast historical holdings of philately and numismatic pieces tell the story of Western Civilization and the history of the United States of America. The sale date is May 17.

Philately Examples Recount Moments in History

Worldwide philately begins the auction and is highlighted by better singles, sets and collections of

Jewish post sheets

Sheets of sixteen different values of Litzmannstadt/Lodz Ghetto, circa 1944. (All photos courtesy of Roland Auctions)

United States and French Offices in China, Fiume, World War II propaganda, Jewish ghetto and internment camp issues, General Government revenues, post-World War II Germany, as well as an advanced grouping of United States Civil War and British anti-slavery theme envelopes. Following this section, and comprising over 300 lots, is Dr. York’s collection of World War II numismatics. This scholarly group introduces a meticulously curated one-of-a-kind collection of scarce to rare specimens. A partial list of highlights includes:

• British and Commonwealth internment camp coins and currency from East Africa, Ireland, Channel Islands, India, and Australia.
• Internment and prisoner of war camp chits/coupons from the United States, France and elsewhere.
• Third Reich labor, internment and concentration camp coupons/notes.
• Jewish ghetto notes, coins and ration coupons and a very advanced study of the diverse issues from Litzmannstadt (Lodz) including specimens.
• Post-World War II displaced persons and refugee notes.
• German "Operation Bernhard" forgeries of British "white" notes as well as genuine £100 notes.
• Jewish winter help issues and Palestine immigration fund related materials.

More Historic Acquisition Coming

The Estate of Dr. Alan York Collection: Philately and World War II Numismatics Auction is a small portion of a larger, massive, curated historical archive assembled over the course of more than a half century. As a whole, this “mega-collection” chronicles nearly all the notable events and moments from the United States’ nascent beginnings to the powerful nation of present day. Other substantial holdings to be sold exclusively by Roland Auctions NY throughout 2017 comprise: Historic Americana, Important Political Ephemera, Cold War Space Race, and others. Important categories comprising Dr. York’s encyclopedic trove include: Abolition, The Civil War, Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination, The Temperance Movement, The Suffragette Movement, Long Island History, both World Wars, John F. Kennedy’s Assassination, The Vietnam War, The Civil Rights Movement, The Cold War, The Space Race, and much more.

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