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PEZ collectors heading to Pa. Oct. 24

Renninger’s Antiques & Farmer’s Market in Kutztown, Pa. will be the hub for PEZ collecting Oct. 24, when it hosts the 6th annual PEZylvania PEZ Gathering.

KUTZTOWN, Pa. — The 6th annual PEZylvania PEZ Gathering is taking place Oct. 24 at Renninger’s Antiques & Farmer’s Market, 740 Noble Street in Kutztown, Pa. This special event is being held in memoriam of Ralph Riovo, who founded the gathering in 2007.

Activities, including charity raffles, kid and adult games, a silent auction and a Halloween costume contest, will be held in the White Room inside of the main antiques market. The events of the day are designed to bring PEZ collectors together with a variety of activities intended to benefit the Animal Rights League of Berks County.


The event is expected to be attended by hundreds of collectors of all ages. The area will be free and open to the public from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Dealers will be selling vintage and contemporary PEZ candy dispensers with prices ranging from $1 to thousands of dollars. This unique show was the first of its type in the area, enabling both collectors and nostalgic PEZ lovers to view more PEZ dispensers in one area than most have seen in their lifetime.

For more information, or to print a registration form, visit or search for “PEZylvania” on Facebook and Twitter.

The gathering is not affiliated with PEZ Candy Inc.

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