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Poll reveals trends in the antiques trade

The Asheford Institute of Antiques releases the results of its 2018 survey of trade professionals for trends in the antiques and collectibles marketplace.

Annual survey of the antiques trade

FLORIDA – The old saying that for every season, there's a reason, seems to be spot-on when it comes to those looking for antiques, vintage and collectible items. The Asheford Institute (AIA), a professional-level distance learning program related to the study of antiques, appraising and the decorative arts, recently released the results of its 2018 survey. Each year, the AIA surveys trade professionals for trends and movements within the antiques and collectibles marketplace. The poll includes a yearly compilation of statistics from a sampling of over eighteen-hundred students and graduates who are actively engaged within the business side of the decorative arts community.

Asheford, which has been conducting the trade-related survey for more than ten years now, says it uploads the poll results each January to the school's website for review and dissection.

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The primary focus of the survey, according to Sharon Tomey, one of the Institute's chief strategists for compiling the raw data, says the goal has always been towards gauging meaningful interest by the public, in regard to current and popular trends related to the antiques, vintage and retro inspired marketplace.

"Our results are based on actual sales and requests for particular items," says Tomey.

As in past years, the Asheford poll seems to note the unabated move towards Modernism in collecting. "Mid-Century is still very much the thing," said Tomey, "but we're beginning to see that movement spread out into other fields as well." 

Customers are 'getting younger'

Also of interest for many who participated in the survey, was the general consensus by a number of store owners that there was definitely a younger vibe to the shopping experience than ever before.

"I've been selling antiques and vintage for twenty-years," said poll participant Mike Schol, "and I've never seen so many young folks be into thrifting and vintage. It's definitely a good sign."

While Tomey cautions people not to read too much into such anecdotal tales, she does acknowledge that on average store owners are beginning to notice a younger demographic appearing than before.

"Whether or not this will last remains to be seen," said Tomey, "but it's certainly encouraging."

Some of the other movers and shakers from this year's poll include vintage fashions and textiles (which had a strong showing over previous years) as well as costume and vintage jewelry, which continued its surge in popularity and price.

Other notable stalwarts included toys, specifically Star Wars items, and American Western memorabilia – all of which drew high ticket prices according to many of the survey's respondents. 

Find the full results of the school's 2018 survey at

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