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Reader's Letter: Missing Superman’s ‘call’ costly move, valuable lesson

One of the most valuable pieces of collecting advice (besides collect what you love) is: If an item grabs your attention, pick it up before it's gone. Such was the case for Trader subscriber Lynn Weitz, who shares the tale of missing Superman's call.

I had to write in when I read the letter to the editor, “If an item speaks to you, grab it while you can.” (Originally appeared in the Dec. 9, 2015 issue of Antique Trader).

I had a similar experience when visiting my friend in St. Louis. She is a fantastic hostess and always indulges me with a day of antiquing. This trip we went to a mall that is filled with beautiful objects and is very well manicured. We had just began our shopping when I spotted a 2-1/2-foot Superman. It was great, and I am a collector of folk art, Americana and old toys. It called out to me, but I was traveling back home by plane and it would not be easy to transport. Besides, we had just started shopping so I decided to wait to purchase it.

After circling the mall, I told my friend I was going back to get Superman. It was not in the booth I thought it was in. I kept going back and forth in the aisles, not believing someone else bought it. The mall was not that crowded, and Superman was not typical of the type of items the mall showcased. I finally went up to the cashier and asked him if someone bought a large Superman. He said yes, but he was still shopping in the mall.

I tracked the man down. There in his arms was Superman. He was very nice when I told him my story. He even offered to give him up to me. But I felt funny taking it from him and left the mall empty-handed.

I learned a lesson that day: If an item speaks to you, just buy it!
– Lynn Weitz
Highland Park, Ill.