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Perfume Bottles Trending at Ruby Lane

Perfume bottles, with their elegant curves and light-refracting facets, are reminders of more luxurious eras. A delight for collectors, discover a bevy of beautiful bottles at Ruby Lane.
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No one knows for sure when humans first rubbed themselves with nice smelling plants or herbs to improve their olfactory appeal to other humans, usually of the opposite sex, but the use of unguents and scented materials was widely practiced as far back as ancient Egypt.

Some of the first objects made of glass were, in fact, small cast vials used for storing such mixtures.  By the time of the Roman Empire, scented waters and other mixtures were even more important and widely available in small glass flasks or bottles.  Since then, glass has been the material of choice for storing scented concoctions, and during the past centuries, some of the most exquisite glass objects produced were designed for this purpose.

Whether slender, round or ornately jeweled, perfume bottles are designed to contain mysterious liquids, whose magic is unleashed when the bottle is opened and a drop or two is discreetly applied.

Featured in the photo gallery are just some of the many beautiful perfume bottles found at