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Things We Love: Typewriter-design notebook inspires journaling

Informal, elegant, fun and functional are words Antique Trader Co-Editor Karen Knapstein uses in describing the Olivetti Pattern Series notebook, in her latest 'Things We Love' review.

By Karen Knapstein

The Olivetti Pattern Series notebook from Princeton Architectural Press (September 2017, $18.95) is coming soon. It is the latest nod from the publisher acknowledging the popularity of the Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter. (The notebook joins the Olivetti Pattern Series note cards made available in October 2016. See my review of the note cards>>>)

Notebook Adds Contemporary Flair to Pay Tribute to Nostalgic Type

Olivetti notebook

The Olivetti Pattern Series Notebook/Journal published by Princeton Architectural Press, is available on

The hardcover notebook, with its repeated patterns in red and black, evokes a sense of nostalgia for plinking away at a manual typewriter. The varied page designs – grids of plus marks or commas, alternating periods and dashes, and others – prevent the notebook from becoming just another journal. The mildly ivory-toned pages are smooth and durable paper stock, with quality binding and bound-in ribbon bookmarks in red and black (reminiscent of the two-color ribbon on a vintage typewriter) that give the impression this is one book that will last for generations. With the book’s title and publisher information provided on a removable obi rather than printed on the book itself, and a blank space on the cover, whoever fills the pages can title the notebook however they see fit.

In sum, the Olivetti notebook is a book of contrasts: informal yet elegant and fun but functional, which should earn it high marks from buyers when it becomes available from Architectural Press [] in September 2017. Price is $18.95. 

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