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‘Unrivaled’ militaria, firearms sale slated for September

An antique Bowie knife with a storied provenance which includes Davey Crockett and the earliest Winchester M1 rifle are just two of the many historic military arms headlning an 'unriviled' collection set to sell Sept. 12.

CINCINNATI – Cowan’s arms historians are partnering with Peter Wainwright in the auction of his 'unrivaled' collection. The sale will take place Sept. 12, 2018 at Cowan’s Cincinnati salesroom.

Davey Crockett Bowie knife

Bowie knife with provenance involving Davey Crockett. (All photos courtey of Cowan's Auctions)

This single-owner sale features unique and diverse examples spanning every stage of firearms development from early matchlocks to the closing days of World War II. A collection of this scope and quality is unlike any other available in the United States in recent memory.

'Unrivaled' Is Culmination of 50 Years of Collecting

“This collection truly is the stuff dreams are made of,” said Jack Lewis, Cowan’s director of firearms & militaria. “It’s the culmination of a half a century of work by one of the great connoisseurs of the collecting world.”

The auction features significant pieces from every century of American history. From the 19th century, expectations of interest are especially high in a unique 1819 pre-Bowie type knife. The piece carries a connection to David “Davey” Crockett (1786-1836). Its legacy includes gifting to the Peale Museum by Crockett’s close friend Charles Wilson Peale (1741-1827). The knife comes to auction after more than 140 years in the Wainwright family.

Earliest Winchester M1 Up For Bid

From the 20th century, the auction will include a non-serial numbered Winchester U.S. M1 Garand Rifle. The absence of a serial number or any indication that a number inscription on the weapon suggests that this rifle is the first M1 rifle ever to come out of the Winchester plant.

From the 18th century comes a trio of British Nock naval volley guns in all three variations.
Cowan’s specialists are still in the process of cataloging the auction, which appears to be a 300 lot sale. The catalog will be available and the lots visible via in early August.

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