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Weavings, art, baskets, pottery, appearing in Santa Fe Aug. 8-9

Early weavings, master basketry, and Southwestern pottery from esteemed potters including Margaret Tafoya are headlining the 'Auction In Santa Fe', Aug. 8-9.
Yei weaving

Seldom-seen, room-sized Yei weaving, featuring four figures holding masks and feathers surrounded by a Native American Rainbow Guardian, circa 1950, may command between $8,000 and $12,000. (All photos courtesy Auction In Santa Fe)

SANTA FE, N.M. — The 2016 “Auction In Santa Fe” is slated for Aug. 8-9 and will include paintings, sculptures, Pueblo pottery, antique and contemporary baskets, and traditional Native American accessories, among other items.

In addition to in-person, absentee and telephone bidding, internet bidding is available at

The fine art portion offers paintings and sculpture from nearly a dozen collections from around the country. Works by Anton, Balink, Blumenschein, Borein, Boren, Buff, Chmiel, Coleman, Deist, Dunton, Eggenhofer, and Gibbard, among others will be presented.

Artwork expected to generate intense bidding interest include Gerald Harvey’s “Trail by Sunset” oil; a 15- by 10-inch Leon Gaspard (1882-1964) oil; and an Ed Mell 24- by 20-inch oil titled “Offering.”

With several Native American art and antique shows, as well as Indian Market on the horizon later in August, antique and contemporary Pueblo pottery pieces will be offered, as well as more than 60 Navajo weavings. All eyes will be on a Santa Clara pottery jar by Margaret Tafoya (1904-2001) as it heads to auction. The jar was purchased directly from the potter and subsequently spent many years on display in the lobby of a local hotel.

Basketry items will also be a highlight of this sale, with a Haida Spruce root hat by well-known weaver Isabelle Rorick, a Washoe polychrome basket by Tootsie Dick Sam (1885-1929) and a Western Apache olla basket (circa 1900) all slated to come before bidders. Works by the Chemehuevi, Salish, Maidu, Tlingit, Hupa and more of the lesser-known tribes will be also featured.

An extensive collection, consisting of a Blackfeet vest, circa 1880; a Lakota Sioux quirt with a beaded buffalo hide wrist strap, circa 1870s; and Chinese coin scepter, circa 19th century, which were all presented to the Hopi Chief, Hooker Hongeva, by the Blackfoot and Lakota Sioux tribes, as well as Chinese railroad workers, will be featured, along with collector’s notes and a photographs.

In addition, an early 20th century Nez Perce fully beaded mirror bag is expected to catch bidder attention, as well as a Northwest Coast Tlingit carved seal effigy feast dish by August Bean and Rudolf Walton, circa 1890.

Also, several lots of firearms and weaponry will be offered, including a pair of Colt Single Action Army Revolvers — cavalry models manufactured in 1890 — with consecutive serial numbers with military markings and factory letters, as well as a .45 caliber Colt Single Action Army Revolver, circa 1933.

For more information, visit, or call 307-635-0019.