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White Ironstone China collectors to gather May 4-6

May 4-6 collectors of White Ironstone China will converge on Wadsworth, Ohio for the White Ironstone China Association's 24th annual convention.

The 24th annual convention of the White Ironstone China Association is May 4-6.

The first concentrated group of collectors and dealers of white ironstone china were from Eastern states. Soon collectors from Illinois, Indiana, and other Midwestern states joined. This dedicated group of people seek to expand their knowledge of the potters and shapes of white ironstone ware. This includes referencing information found in the Jean Wetherbee books.

Variety of Collectors and Directions

The White Ironstone China Association dates to1994. The first conference dating to 1995 with Jean

 White ironstone china at the bottom of the sea, in place following a 19th century shipwreck. (Submitted photo)

White ironstone china at the bottom of the sea, in place following a 19th century shipwreck. (Submitted photo)

Wetherbee as quest speaker. The beautiful shapes of white ironstone are enjoyed by many collectors and designers as seen in the magazines. Some members collect by shape, others by potters, which can include many shapes.

Over the years the research has expanded and can be found in the latest publication by Bev & Ernie Dieringer titled, "The Illustrated Guide Of White Ironstone from A-Z."

The 24th Annual convention of WICA will be May 4-5-6, 2018 in Wadsworth, Ohio at the Comfort Inn& Suites, 5 Park Center Dr. The main speaker will be Ellen Gerth. She will tell of the 1865 wreck of the SS Republic, which was carrying a large cargo of English Ironstone that sank off the coast of Georgia. Ms. Gerth has an undergraduate degree in archaeology and history, with a graduate degree in cultural anthropology and museum studies from George Washington University and its affiliate program with the Smithsonian Institution. Ellen has helped develop the story content, artifact displays, and graphic presentations for the Odyssey’s traveling exhibit “Shipwreck! Pirates & Treasure”.

In addition, Rick Nielsen will also give a talk on the St. Louis Mo. Importers of white ironstone.

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