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Antique Appraisals: Radiator guard sink may be worth $150

Dr. George Marchelos evaluates an upcycled radiator guard and a Warnecke porcelain dish in his latest round of antique appraisals for Antique Trader magazine.
Antique appraisal for this radiator guard converted into a sink

Antique appraisal for this radiator guard converted into a sink: Up to $150.

Antique appraisals by Dr. George Marchelos, graduate of the Asheford Institute of Antiques

Bought this today at the famous Route 30 yard sale in Ohio []. Can you please tell me what it was before someone converted it into a sink?

Thank you! 
- T.K., via email

A T.K. sent a photo of his mystery item. In the late 1800s and into the first half of the 20th century this item would be seen in lobbies and other areas of public or commercial buildings such as banks and post offices guarding the public from heat generated by a steam radiator housed within.

It was cast iron with a black finish as shown, usually with different designs and was produced with an eye toward design as well is safety.

Close examination probably with result in the finding of a foundry mark identifying the manufacturer. Because it was purchased in Ohio a likely place of origin would be Pittsburgh or surrounding area into Ohio and West Virginia. There are collectors who look for iron items to add to their collections.

Because the item has been converted to some degree the price would be lower but as is should bring $150 or more, depending on who sees it on any given day.

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Antique appraisal: Warnecke porcelain dish

Warnecke porcelain dish

Antique appraisal for Warnecke porcelain dish: $10-$15.

I have a couple of the attached August Warnecke dishes. I cannot find ANY information on them other than what’s on the bottom identifying the manufacturer. I am looking for ANY information about this particular pattern. When was it made, what is the name of the pattern, is it rare, are there more pieces to the collection. ANYTHING. Any information or even a clue where to look would be REALLY appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

- J.V., via email

A J.V. has sent photos of a porcelain dish, asking for any information possible. The dish was made in Hamburg, Germany by the August Warnecke Co. They were in business from 1903 until 1999.

Warnecke porcelain dish

Warnecke porcelain dish

In their early days they produced hand-painted porcelain pieces and this item says that it is hand painted. They specialized in the Ostfriesische Rose and Friesische Blom patterns and this appears to be that pattern, although the photo is slightly blurred and the item has damage. They also produced porcelain with the hibiscus pattern as well as others. This item was produced toward the end of their hand-painted era.

Later, everything was mechanically decorated. A single piece would sell for $10-$15 to a person assembling a set. Many pieces are still on the market in Germany, Holland and Denmark.

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