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Black Friday deals in the middle of summer

It seems the shopkeeper of our online store ( isn't interested in waiting until November for Black Friday-type savings, as she's decided to launch her own Black Friday in July sale today!

As I've mentioned a few times in the past, the shopkeeper of our online store ( really loves good deals. Whether its special savings on books, clothes, furniture, music or movies, she's in. I haven't heard her mention anything about shopping in the bargain meat section of her local grocery, but again, she really loves a good deal, so who knows. Today she decided to be a bit rebellious, and launch a Black Friday sale in July. Clearly she doesn't want to wait until November to score extra-fantastic savings, so TODAY (July 17) is the day!


With that, I thought I'd share a few recommendations of team Antique Trader's favorite items at We are partial to it, but we truly love the Antique Trader Tote Bag. It's durable and spacious and the handle is long enough that you can place it over your shoulder for easy carrying. You can pick up the tote, which bears the Antique Trader logo, and features a front pocket and a small pocket for pens, on its own or as part of the Ready! Set! Flea! Value Pack. In the value pack, the tote bag, is joined by our Picker's Journal, the Picker's Bible, 2nd Ed., and Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2015 Price Guide. The limited-edition Value Pack has a retail price of $49.28, and it normally sells for $19.99 in our store; but during this one-day sale the value pack is just $11.99 with the discount. Plus, if you just want the tote, which is normally $2.99, you can pick it up for $1.79 today.

Another cool guide is the Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards, 4th Ed., produced by the folks of our sister publication, Sports Collectors Digest. If you collect baseball cards there's no better guide to rely on, and today only it can be yours for $13.60. One of our other favorites is Warman's Antiques & Collectibles 2016. Vetted values and beautiful photographs you’ll find on each page enhance the depth of information and engaging historical details you’ll find in this book. This book retails for $29.99, and is normally discounted to $20.27, but during the Black Friday sale it's available for $12.16.

These items are just some of the many insightful collecting references and helpful resources available at our store, and marked down an additional 40% today only. We invite you to take advantage of our shopkeeper's rebelliousness and explore what we have to offer.