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From the Editor: Something special lies within

The July 22 edition of Antique Trader is packed with antiques news and valuable information you can use, including a consignment guide, reports editor Antoinette Rahn

By Antoinette Rahn

With every edition of Antique Trader, we aim to give readers the latest news from the antiques and collectibles community, and offer insightful columns and features that both inform and entertain. Not to be too boastful, but the July 22, 2015 edition is truly jam packed with useful and fascinating news and information.

You'll find feature articles about spongeware pottery, Steiff bears and toys, vintage fireworks, soapstone, and one man's journey to become a bookseller. Now, if none of these topics make your eyes light up with anticipation, but you are interested in buying and selling antiques and collectibles, this edition also features a special 14-page Auction Consignment Guide and Directory.

July 22, 2015 Antique Trader

Print and digital versions of the July 22, 2015 edition of Antique Trader, which includes a special consignment guide and directory, are available for $2 at our online store,, but you’re interested in selling and buying antiques and collectibles, there is a special 14-page Auction Consignme

Of course, you’ll also find our regular columnists Wayne Jordan and Fred Taylor sharing their wisdom about the consignment process and fielding inquiries about bentwood chairs and French chiffoniers, respectively. Check out the July 22 edition to see what Wayne and Fred, and a couple other columnists, have to say.

As I mentioned earlier, this issue features our special Auction Consignment Guide and Directory, which is sponsored by Heritage Auctions. Print Editor Karen Knapstein, the mastermind behind it, summed up the importance of the guide best, when she said, “Each week we are contacted by people who are wondering how to sell specific items. They don’t know where to start; this directory should give those people who aren’t comfortable with selling items on their own a starting point.”

Within the consignment guide and directory you’ll find answers from auction house principals and consignment directors about key questions to consider when considering consignment. Questions like: What items are accepted on consignment; how are estimates and minimum bids determined; what is the fee scale, commission rate and what type of additional charges may be incurred; and how soon after an item is sold do consignors receive payment? The insights these experts share are invaluable, whether you’re looking to consign now, in the future or if you’ve never given it much thought — but have collections that will one day need new homes.

In the directory section you’ll find auction houses listed alphabetically by state, with general contact information, consignment director information, and items in which they specialize. Please note, while this is not a complete list of auction houses, our goal is to give you a place to start, and we hope it does that. We’ve also included some memorable stories of items that came to auction through walk-in consignors. Pick up a digital or print version of this special edition of Antique Trader at our online store,, for just $2.

Item of Note: Speaking of inspiring tales, we want to encourage you to send us stories of the treasures you’ve found for entry in the 7th Annual Favorite Finds contest. The deadline for submitting stories is Sept. 30, 2015.

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