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Texas AG: Invest in research when buying gold coins

Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton recently teamed up with numismatic experts, specifically Michael Fuljenz, whose expertise includes numismatic-related crimes, to provide valuable tips about collecting gold coins.

AUSTIN, Texas — With input from numismatic experts, the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, recently issued a consumer protection alert about buying and selling gold coins.

Award-winning expert of rare coins and precious metals and authority on numistmatics-related crimes Michael Fuljenz, president of Universal Coin & Bullion, Beaumont, Texas (, in coordination with other noted numismatic authorities, consulted with the attorney general’s office regarding this consumer alert.

Gold Coin Advisory Focuses on Planning and Practicality

The advisory is titled “Consumers Should Do Their Research Before and After Investing in Gold Coins.” It emphasizes the critical importance of working with reputable dealers to help avoid paying too much when buying or receiving too little when selling. Paxton’s office recommends researching dealers through the Better Business Bureau. As well as the American Numismatic Association. In addition, the Professional Numismatists Guild, Professional Coin Grading Service and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.

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While anyone can be a victim of unscrupulous practices, the Attorney General’s office specifically refers to the senior citizen demographic within the U.S. This group accounts for 14% of the population. In turn, the advisory also states 60% of the callers to the National Fraud Information Center are senior citizens.

“By issuing this important consumer protection advisory, Texas is not only assisting Lone Star state residents but providing nationwide benefits to the public who can access this useful information online. Attorneys general across the country now also have a template to provide consumer protection advice to their residents about buying and selling gold bullion and gold coins,” said Fuljenz.

The 10 tips within the Texas Attorney General’s advisory:

• Do not respond to callers not previously contacted. Cold callers often are not registered in Texas to legally telemarket and often try to pressure customers to act quickly.
• Do not do business with a dealer who guarantees your purchases are totally safe, will go up in value or can’t go down, stresses government gold confiscation or says he will buy them back for what you paid at any time.
• Keep notes and all receipts, documents, correspondence and shipping records regarding transactions.
• Inquire about terms of return privilege on rare coins when considering a purchase.
• When welcoming a dealer into your home to do an evaluation, always have a second person in attendance.

Trust Instincts When Considering Gold Coin Acquisition

• Counterfeit coins and gold bars, as well as counterfeit grading service holders are a possible risk, especially with online transactions.
• Be wary of home storage IRA plans, as these have not been thoroughly tested with the U.S. Treasury or IRS. Stick with reputable independent custodians.
• Be careful selling to itinerant dealers who set up in hotels or in temporary locations. Instances of customers receiving much less for their coins is often cited.
• Make sure dealers you are working with are registered to do business in the state, and when required, registered in their city.
• If a dealer does not pay you, return your coins or deliver your purchased product in 30 days or less, you may have been a victim of fraud.
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