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New series follows day-to-day of family-run custom firearm business

The Outdoor Channel premieres a new reality show (The Gunfather) on Oct. 1, about the day-to-day happenings of am East Coast-turned-Montana family specializing in custom firearms.

For fans of vintage firearms and custom firearm work and restoration, there is a new reality series coming to the Outdoor Channel that may pique your interest.

"The Gunfather" premiers Wednesday, Oct. 1 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on the Outdoor

Lou Timinaro and his wife and business manager Theresa.

Lou Timinaro and his wife and business manager Theresa.

Channel. The show centers on an East Coast family of firearms experts who pack up and move west to Montana to open a firearms sales and restoration business. The show follows the day-to-day adventures and experiences with their change of locale, and activity in the firearms business.

The business, "The Custom Shop," is run by Lou Timinaro, and his wife and business manager Theresa. The man who taught Timinaro everything he knows about firearms, his father 'Pops' is part of the new life and operation in Montana as well.

What's the worst that can happen when a tough-talking New York family opens a local gun shop in rural Montana? Find out in the all-new Outdoor Channel original series The Gunfather - Wednesday night at 8PM ET/ 5PM PT. Check your local cable provider for details ...and pick up your copy of The Total Gun Manual by Phil Bourjaily and David Petzel available everywhere books are sold.

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