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Plan ahead for National Postcard Week 2019

This year Antique Trader is noting the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the “Great Social Experiment” - The 18th Amendment - on its NPCW postcard.
National Postcard Week Postcard

National Postcard Week Postcard for 2019. Courtesy of Demaris Swint

Antique Trader received its first (and very early) National Postcard Week postcard from enthusiast Demaris Swint. Swint’s card (shown) says:

Email me at to trade with other participants or have questions. The larger participant list has 50-plus traders. Want to send to fewer? Go to; joining is free. Trades there are 5 to 20 participants.

Check out the postcards sent in 2018 at and search for “National Postcard Week.”

Look forward to seeing your postcards.

— Demaris Swint, Alamo, Texas

What is National Postcard Week?

This is the perfect time to remind everyone of the National Postcard Week guidelines, which will give those who wish to participate enough time to design and create their postcards. This year is the 36th anniversary of National Postcard Week. It runs from May 5-11, 2019. 

  • List “National Postcard Week” and the dates on the postcard.
  • If you are a member of a postcard club, include the name of the club as well as your name and mailing address.Autograph your postcard. (Using your first name only is acceptable.) 

Antique Trader will again be participating in the National Postcard Week postcard exchange this year. Feel free to drop us a line at any time with your address and a note that says you would like to be included on the mailing list. You can snail-mail in your request to the postal address below, or you can email your message of interest in receiving an Antique Trader National Postcard Week 2019 postcard to

The invitation is open to everyone, regardless of whether or not you create your own postcard for National Postcard Week. Of course, if you do participate in the event by designing your own postcard or sending a postcard during National Postcard Week, we’d love to receive one from you.

Which postcard would you choose: 1, 2, or 3?

Antique Trader is gearing up for participating in National Postcard Week 2019 (NPCW). This year, NPCW will be celebrated with the sending and receiving of commemorative postcards from May 5-11.

This year we are recognizing the 100th anniversary of the Ratification of that “Great Social Experiment” — The 18th Amendment. An unpopular amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Prohibition had astounding impacts on American history and culture. Prohibition proved to be a boon for organized crime.

Let us know your vote: Which postcard do you think we should produce for National Postcard Week? Give me a call (715-318-0379), or send me an email ( or snail-mail to let us know which commemorative postcard you prefer (Vote Option 1, Option 2, or Option 3.)

Send your NPCW postcard votes, requests and trade queries to:
Antique Trader Editor: 2019 NPCW, 5225 Joerns Dr., Suite 2, Stevens Point, WI 54481.

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