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Smart Investment: If money were no object

At $26 for 26 issues, Antique Trader is a smart investment for a magazine that’s packed with informative and entertaining information on antiques and collectibles.

If I had an unlimited well of capital, I would invest in at least one fine art masterpiece, perhaps by Claude Monet or Mary Cassatt (classical Impressionists make my heart flutter).
What does one do with such an investment piece after you’ve acquired it?

What I would do is properly insure it and place it on loan with a museum befitting the piece’s stature. That way, the museum could handle the security, and the public could still enjoy it.

I believe the public display of such things serve to strengthen the cultural connection and ensure the monetary value. (After all, it takes at least two prospective buyers to create a bidding war.) Granted, Monet and Cassatt will always be valuable since they’re masters, but, my point is: If people do not know something exists, they won’t know whether or not they want – or even like – it.

The same is true for Antique Trader magazine. Antique Trader has been published continually since 1957! I can’t tell you how many times we hear, “I didn’t know you were still around” or “I thought Antique Trader wasn’t published anymore.”

In large part, I suspect the decreased level of awareness is because Antique Trader isn’t on newsstands anymore. (Shipping and delivery expenses have made a newsstand presence cost prohibitive.) It’s understandable, because so many wonderful magazines have ceased print publications in recent years. I’m elated to be able to say, “We’re still here!” Antique Trader is not the same publication it was in the 1970s, or the ‘80s, or the ‘90s. It’s not even the same magazine it was in 2010. It is constantly evolving and changing to meet subscribers’ wants and needs.

To help get our name back “out there,” in 2014, we’re teaming up with show promoters by delivering bonus distributions of Antique Trader magazine as free giveaways at select shows throughout the country.

If you are already an Antique Trader magazine subscriber, do your collecting friends a favor and share your thoughts about the magazine with them. At $26 for 26 issues, the printed version is a great buy for a magazine that’s packed with informative and entertaining information.

Thank you – in advance – for all of your priceless efforts as ambassadors on our behalf.

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