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Yesterday's Bride a celebration of marriage traditions

Anthony J. Cavo's nostalgic book, “Yesterday’s Bride: Gowns, Weddings & Traditions 1850 to 1930,” is a wonderful compilation of charming historical wedding photos. Each photo is accompanied by analysis and discussion of the fashion of the period, historical facts putting the photos into historical context, and common (and sometimes uncommon) wedding traditions.

Yesterday's Bride

Yesterday's Bride, by Dr. Anthony J. Cavo, is available at and other book retailers.

It’s fascinating to flip through the book filled with mostly sepia toned photos, and seeing not only fashion change through the decades – but body language, as well. As Cavo says, “Photography has always, often unintentionally, recorded societal changes including the emergence of women in terms of expression and equality.”

As Dr. Cavo promises, "The fascinating and charming photographs in Yesterday’s Bride will give you a glimpse of bridal costumes from 1858 through the 1930s."

Fascinating and charming it is, as well as a delightfully entertaining and educational read; “Yesterday’s Bride” would be a wonderful gift for any bride – of the past, present, or future.

Dr. Anthony J. Cavo is a certified appraiser of antiques and personal property and writes an appraisal column for Antique Trader magazine.

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