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American Cut Glass Association

Education, Research, and Enjoyment
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We are a non-profit organization devoted to the study and research of American Brilliant Cut Glass. The Brilliant Period lasted from approximately 1876 to 1914. This glass was considered the finest in the world and won many international prizes. Please take the time to go through our web site. It will increase your interest, understanding, recognition, and appreciation of American Brilliant Cut Glass. ACGA has a lot to offer you as a member, whether you are a new or long-time collector.

In 1978, one hundred and two years after the Philadelphia Centennial, forty people whose common bond was a love and appreciation of American Brilliant Cut Glass met in Indianapolis, Indiana to form a non-profit organization. Their purpose was to foster knowledge and appreciation of American Brilliant Cut Glass as a distinct art form; for historic preservation of cut glass as an early American art form; to create a record of some of the outstanding works of art; and to provide a place where it may be seen, honored and respected; to provide information to members; and to provide opportunities for personal contact through annual meetings and other communications.

Twenty five years after that original group met, the American Cut Glass Association (ACGA) has grown from the original 85 charter members to almost 2300. The association's main ideals remain the same: education, knowledge, and promotion of this American art form.

In the last three decades this rich cut glass has been recognized as a legitimate and unique expression of art in the United States. The American Cut Glass Association, therefore, is an organization which is evolving from a "collectors" society to an organization which has the responsibility to help preserve and advance the study of this important American art form.

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