Antique Marketplace & Jeremiah's

These two side-by-side shops in Putnam, CT offer over 200 dealers and 25,000 sq. ft. of a variety of vintage antiques.
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200+ dealers, 25,000 square feet of vintage antiques, furniture, primitives, jewelry, coins, advertising, Mid-Century Modern, toys, military, records and pottery. There are also dealers with ephemera galore, comics, sorted postcards, books, maps, prints and more.
The ANTIQUE MARKETPLACE / JEREMIAH’S are located in the heart of downtown Putnam, CT surrounded by award winning restaurants.

109 Main St.
Putnam, CT 860-928-0442
Weds.-Mon. 10am-5pm
closed Tuesdays

Weekly Showcase

Cast-iron shooting gallery target

Classic Shooting Gallery Targets

Legendary collection of vintage shooting gallery targets takes center stage at Soulis Auctions in September. Early collectors Richard and Valerie Tucker embraced the targets, calling them 'iron as art.'